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The more you eat, the thinner the exclusive white-collar diet lunch

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Now I will recommend 6 nutritious foods that are most suitable for lunch. They not only make you thinner, but also anti-aging!

Anti-aging and anti-cancer food-broccoli

Recommended reason: Broccoli is rich in antioxidant vitamin C and carotene. Scientific research has confirmed that broccoli is the best anti-aging and anti-cancer food.

The best source of protein-fish

Recommended reason: fish can provide a large amount of high-quality protein, with a very high digestion and absorption rate, is the best choice for supplementing high-quality protein. At the same time, the cholesterol content in fish meat is very low, and it will not bring more cholesterol while consuming high-quality protein. Studies have shown that eating more fresh fish can also help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Fat-lowering food-onion

Recommended reason: onions can purify the blood and help lower cholesterol.

Antioxidant food-tofu

Recommended reason: In addition to lean meat and fish and shrimp, tofu is also a good source of protein. At the same time, legumes contain a chemical substance called isoflavones, which is an effective antioxidant. Remember, "oxidation" means "aging".

Keep vitality food-cabbage

Recommended reason: Cabbage is rich in vitamin C and fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and keep the digestive system young.

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