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1 day vegan detox meal cleans the body and loses weight

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Five-color plants balance nutrition

First of all, you should remember to eat as many plants of five colors as possible so that the nutrients can be balanced

Red peppers, radishes, tomatoes, etc.

White rice, starch, radish, lotus root, etc.

Soybeans (soy milk, tofu, dried beans), peanuts, pumpkins, etc.


Black beans, mushrooms, black fungus, black sesame seeds, kelp, molasses, etc.

Remember, soy milk is not sugar-free soy milk can inhibit the production of fat.

Whole wheat bread refers to bread made from whole wheat flour without removing the bran and wheat germ. Most of the ingredients are cellulose, containing some minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin B. From the perspective of Weight loss, eating whole-wheat bread is better than ordinary bread, because the same weight of whole-wheat bread contains more cellulose than ordinary bread, and cellulose is not only absorbed by the human body, it can also increase satiety. Conducive to Weight loss.

Cucumber tastes good as a side dish, and the propylene glycol contained in it can inhibit the conversion of sugars into fat.

Breakfast One cup of soy milk, two slices of whole wheat bread, and 1 cucumber. Chinese food  fermented bean curd hollow

The fermented bean curd water spinach is very fragrant and can definitely be eaten, and it can clear away heat and detoxify, treat constipation, and has low energy, so you won't get fat after eating it.

Tofu is a high-nutrient, high-mineral, and low-fat diet food. Abundant protein is conducive to physical fitness, increasing satiety, and conducive to weight loss. It is especially suitable for simple obesity. Tomato tofu, red and white, delicious and nutritious.

Bean sprouts contain more water and less calories, so it is not easy to form subcutaneous fat accumulation. A regular diet helps to lose weight.

Vegetables, tofu mixed, mung bean sprouts cooked in vinegar, 1 bowl of rice

Remember, soy milk is not sugar-free soy milk can inhibit the production of fat.

Supper in the afternoon (optional)

Remember, soy milk is not sugar-free soy milk can inhibit the production of fat.

The tomato and winter melon soup has only 8 calories! Winter melon clears heat and promotes dampness, tomatoes invigorate the spleen and eliminate food, cool the blood and detoxify, and have inhibitory effects on various bacteria and fungi. The combination of the two ingredients can be boiled into a soup, which is not only beneficial to water, but also has the effect of invigorating the spleen. Especially suitable for the treatment of spleen deficiency and edema. Yuba mixed with cucumber is cool, crisp, tender, low-calorie, full, healthy and delicious.

Red bean porridge can actually be eaten for breakfast and dinner. Long-term use can diuresis, invigorate the spleen, and lose weight.

In addition, try to develop the habit of not eating supper. Otherwise, how bright the day is is a waste of previous efforts.

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