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Small face yoga mini face-lift for more beautiful skin

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Slap face is what every girl wants, but not everyone can be so lucky to have a slap face. But we can transform our face through acquired efforts. Let me teach you two yoga moves below, so that you can have an enviable face and eliminate double chin. In addition, it can also clear the nerves and blood in the face, and make your facial skin better.

   Small Face Yoga (1)

   This yoga movement can not only shape the facial lines, but also relieve the stiff neck muscles and promote blood circulation in the neck and face.

  Step1: Put your hands together, separate your five fingers, and place your middle finger on the tip of your chin. Smile at this time and relax your facial muscles. Take a breath and get ready.

  Step2: While inhaling, slowly raise the chin with both hands slowly, and tilt the head back as much as possible, and then extend the front neck to the maximum. Maintain this position for 3 deep breaths.

  Step3: Put your hands down, then cross your hands on top of your head. Inhale and get ready. Then, while slowly exhaling, he lowered his head, pressing the hand on the top of the head slightly hard. Maximize the back neck stretch. Maintain this position for 3 deep breaths.

   small face yoga (2)

   This yoga action can not only eliminate the unsightly double chin, beautify the curve of the jaw, but also reshape the clavicle!

  Step1: Lie on the mat, spread your legs, bend your knees, put your hands on your sides and stick to the ground.

  Step2: Gently lift the buttocks, place your hands under the buttocks, and then gently press the buttocks on the backs of the hands. Take a breath and get ready.

  Step3: While inhaling, arch the chest and back vigorously, making the head against the cushion. Support your body with the strength of your abdominal muscles. Maintain this position for 5 deep breaths, then return to the original position, and repeat this action about 10 times. The best exercise time for small face yoga is in the morning, which can easily drain the water accumulated the night before, eliminate facial swelling, and has a significant effect on shaping the perfect line of the face. In fact, in daily life, you can lift your head more if you want a face-lift, or you can use neck yoga to dredge the neck, so that the old waste material on the face can flow smoothly from the face to the neck, and drain through the lymph under the armpit.

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