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Healthy weight-loss breakfast recipe for a week, a must for lazy people

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1. Soy milk meal

Ingredients: Soy milk and other staple foods such as fried dough sticks are good choices.

Exercise: In fact, making your own soy milk is very simple. Buy a soymilk machine. Soak the soy milk the night before. In the morning, put the soybeans into the soymilk machine. It only takes 15 minutes. A bowl of hot soy milk will do. In addition to soybeans, you can also add black beans and red beans, which are nutritious and beautiful.

Tip: This breakfast has the most Chinese characteristics. Women can drink soy milk for many benefits, and it can also prevent gynecological diseases. Soy milk is plant protein, carbohydrates and protein foods are available and nutritious.

  Second, corn meal

   Three, fruit and vegetable meal

This healthy and nutritious breakfast is mainly made of corn. Corn soup is convenient and simple.

Exercise: Pour the ingredients into boiling water. If you feel that you are not full enough, you can cook a fresh corn the night before and heat the corn soup in the microwave the next morning.

Tips: Corn contains a lot of dietary fiber, which is a good health product in coarse grains, which is beneficial to promote digestion by the human body. Corn is a staple food for Weight loss. It is rich in nutrients and contains glycogen that is not easily absorbed by the body, which is very helpful for Weight loss.

   Four, milk meal

A simple vegetable and fruit breakfast can meet your daily vitamin needs.

Exercise: Fry eggs in a non-stick pan (no cooking oil required), take two slices of whole wheat bread, add ham, lettuce and nonfat salad dressing according to your taste, and mix the juice and seasonal fruits.

Tip: Fresh orange carrot juice, melon and apple juice, pure kiwi juice and pure cucumber juice are all good choices. They help to remove toxins from the body and enhance metabolism.

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