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Summer weight loss recipes for a week teaches you to become thin and beautiful

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Monday celery two rice porridge

Ingredients: 100 grams of celery, 100 grams of rice, 100 grams of millet.


1. Wash the celery and cut it into small pieces; the rice and millet are washed.

2. Heat the pan, add some water, add rice and millet to cook the porridge, first cook on high heat, then cook on low heat for 20 minutes, add celery and cook for 5 minutes.

Weight loss effect: Celery is a low-calorie, rich in crude fiber super Weight loss food, which helps intestinal peristalsis, promotes intestinal fat excretion, reduces the absorption of fat in food, has the effect of preventing and treating obesity, and is also effective Control the occurrence of essential hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

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