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What is the fastest way to lose weight?

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What to eat to lose weight in autumn

First of all, we must ensure the body's protein intake: this can be achieved by eating 150 grams of poultry (preferably lean meat and beef) or 200 grams of fish, or using two to three eggs instead.

Of course, in addition to eating fish and meat at each meal, you should also eat 200 grams of less oily vegetables.

In addition, drink more skimmed milk. Depending on your appetite, you can drink it two to four times in the morning. At the same time, we should also pay attention: eat less fruit. In summer, people like to eat fruit instead of drinking water to replenish body moisture. However, during this time, in order to lose weight, you can only eat at most one kind of fruit a day.

Fall Weight loss recipes

Increase protein or vegetable intake: add a cup of cereals and two slices of whole wheat bread to breakfast; or add 150 grams of starch-rich substances at lunch.

At dinner time, at about 5 pm, eat some protein-rich food, such as an egg (or a slice of ham), with a tomato (or a bottle of yogurt, or an apple, or some cherries).

Healthy weight loss

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