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What to eat for weight loss, the preparation method is extremely simple, and the weight loss effect

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What to eat to lose weight Eating vegetables is the only way to lose weight. Rejecting Weight loss without meat, launched a delicious weight-loss meal rich in meat and vegetables, and the effect of Weight loss and fat reduction is remarkable.

   This time, they launched a casserole of chicken breast and Chinese cabbage.


  What do you eat to lose weight? A piece of fat-free skinless chicken breast, half a piece of Chinese cabbage, an appropriate amount of kelp, an appropriate amount of soy sauce salt, and a small amount of olive oil.

  Manufacturing method:

   1. Peel and defat the chicken breast and cut into thin slices. Cut the kelp into thin slices for later use.

   2. Wash a whole Chinese cabbage, cut off the roots, and then cut it in half. Take half of the cabbage and place it in a casserole vertically. Finally, insert the chicken breast slices and the kelp slices between the cabbage leaves.

  3. Pour in some olive oil and water

  4. Cover the pot and heat it over medium heat. When the cabbage is cooked in the casserole, turn to medium heat and cook until cooked. It takes about half an hour.

   5. Add appropriate amount of soy sauce and salt, continue to cook for a minute or two, and it will come out.

  What do you eat to lose weight? Benefits of chicken breast and cabbage casserole

   First of all, there are a lot of chicken breasts in this dish, which are rich in protein and B vitamins, which help increase muscle and fat, improve metabolism, help lose weight, prolong satiety, and keep fit.

  What do you eat to lose weight? In addition, there is a large amount of Chinese cabbage in this cabbage casserole, which is rich in dietary fiber, which not only enhances the feeling of fullness, but also improves the promotion, gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestion and excretion speed, and has a significant effect on weight loss, laxative, and elimination. effect.

   In addition, this dish is made by stacking cabbage and chicken breast in a pot and cooking it like a rose, so it has a high value. It can enjoy the deliciousness while gaining weight loss.

  What do you eat to lose weight? Dieting to lose weight is a must, but it does not mean that you can only eat vegetables, so that you can not only enjoy the food, but also get the results of fast weight loss.

   It is recommended to eat this low-fat, high-fiber, high-nutrition, high-value home-cooked dish during weight loss. The preparation method of this dish is extremely simple, even Xiaobai can easily master and successfully cook it.

Healthy weight loss

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