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Beauty expert introduces the best yoga experience

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Yoga is different from gymnastics and dance, and also different from general aerobic exercise. Only when breathing, consciousness and posture are perfectly combined, this is real yoga.

  In modern society, everyone is under pressure, which makes the body's various systems lose balance. Practicing yoga can promote blood circulation, relax rigid muscles, relieve back, joint and muscle pain, enhance physical strength, and coordinate physical and mental balance.

  Master hobbies: traveling, listening to music, shopping

   Daren's words: In the soft sound of music, don't pursue the perfection of the movement, just ask to improve yourself. After reaching a limit, you must expect a higher limit. Only in this way can you experience the feeling that yoga gives you.

  【Mental State】

  Yoga, the most attractive thing is its music. Like the sound of the sky, sometimes the sound of birds chirping, sometimes the pine waves, and sometimes the stream is gurgling. Stretch the body to fully awaken every cell in the body.

   Stay outdoors, stay away from the hustle and bustle, use yoga to stretch your body as much as you want, so that the troubles and pressures in life can be wiped away in the breeze. Under the stars and in the moonlight, everyone exercised their bodies with the graceful yoga postures, returning to their original flexibility...

   On the grass after the drizzle, at the foot of the mountain where butterflies dance lightly, and under the starry sky at night, they are all excellent places to practice yoga. Lay a soft cushion, accompanied by soft music, stretch, twist, breathe and breathe, and integrate yourself in nature completely and thoroughly. Yoga emphasizes the unity of body and mind, emphasizing the balance between body and mind. Its highest state is the unity of nature and man, which makes people abandon their worries and feel happy.


   Close your eyes and relax in the distant and soothing and mysterious music, put aside all interference and distractions, and you feel refreshed and happy. You whisper to yourself, I am healthy, I am lucky, the sun and air nourish me, the sky and the earth give me endless energy, I am not alone, the Himalayas give me inexhaustible aura. I pushed away the worries with both hands, and absorbed the essence of heaven and earth with my heart.

   opened my eyes, my world became clear and transparent, and all the good things in the world came to me with light steps. I have no reason to refuse, I feel the preciousness of life, it is so worthy of my cherishment. The knots that I have cared about in the past and have never been solved are so insignificant. I deeply feel my own insignificance and narrowness. Now I am like pulling away the clouds and taking away the blind leaf. I have an epiphany.

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