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The fastest and most effective tips for losing weight A week's fruit weight loss recipe

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One week's fruit Weight loss recipe: what fruit to eat every day

Monday: orange fruit papaya

On Monday, with red passion, the day's work will begin and it will be full of vitality! Tonight, I will not treat myself badly. After a busy day, soak in a cup of "orange mood". It is said that many beautiful stars such as Zheng Xiuwen, Lin Xilei and Xu Huaiyu eat papaya to enhance breasts and lose weight.

Weight loss principle: Papaya contains papain, which can not only break down protein and sugar, but also break down fat and remove excess meat.

Tuesday: Blueberry Blueberry

Blueberries are rich in a lot of super antioxidants, usually called OPC anthocyanins, and are called "the king of antioxidants" by foreign experts. This is a famous fruit that protects eyesight. In addition to the conventional sugar, acid, vitamin C and mineral elements, blueberry fruit also contains special ingredients such as niacin, superoxide dismutase, and flavonoids. It has good health effects such as preventing cranial nerve aging, strengthening the heart and anti-cancer.

Principles of weight loss: low-calorie, rich in fruit acids, it is said to be very helpful for weight loss.

Wednesday: Green Apple, Green Apple

Apple is one of the four major fruits in the world. There is a proverb in foreign countries that "the doctor will not find me after eating an apple after every meal". It can prevent and treat diseases to a certain extent. Eating apples can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, avoid gallstones, and have a certain adjuvant treatment effect on high blood pressure. Apples can also regulate intestinal movement and have the dual effects of laxative and antidiarrheal.

Weight loss principle: rich in pectin and dietary fiber, very low in fat content, but rich in nutrients, it is often used as a substitute food by dieters.

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