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Three celery diet meals to quickly smooth out the belly

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Celery varieties differ in taste and eating methods. Since lignin mainly acts on the stomach and intestines, celery has an excellent Weight loss effect. The following three diet meals made of different celery can maximize the effective components of celery to burn fat and quickly help you to smooth your annoying belly.

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   celery: cold celery leaves

Celery is the most common. The stems and leaves of celery are green, but many people throw away the celery leaves when eating. In fact, the green leaves of celery are more nutritious than the stems, and contain more chlorophyll, VC and antioxidant edema. Therefore, this cold dish is specially made from celery leaves, which has an excellent weight loss effect.

Wash the celery leaves, cut into sections, blanch them with boiling water, and remove them. At the same time, it is mixed with carrot shreds, cucumber shreds and seaweed shreds and seasoned according to your favorite taste. Cold celery leaves can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce the adhesion of fat and toxins to the intestinal mucosa, calm the nerves, and help sleep. It is a good product for reducing heat and losing weight.

Three celery weight loss meals, quickly smooth the belly, and lose weight with fruit.

  White celery: freshly squeezed celery juice

White celery is more tender than green celery, which is firm and chewy. The fragrance of white celery is slightly lighter than that of green celery. Many people are more sensitive to the taste of celery, so celery juice is often not very pleasant. However, this white stalk celery is best for juicing. It not only releases all the effective ingredients, but also has a much milder taste than green celery juice.

Choose an appropriate amount of celery to clean, cut the stems and leaves into small pieces, put them in a juicer, and then add a small amount of water to squeeze. Girls who like the original flavor can drink it directly without adding any seasoning, or add a small amount of white sugar to taste during the squeezing process. But don't add too much sugar, sugar will destroy cellulose, so celery juice will lose its effectiveness.

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   water celery: celery pot

Celery growing in water will be softer and lightest than white celery and green celery in dried celery. Maybe you haven't even noticed that you have celery in your mouth. Celery usually plays an important role in vegetarian cooking. You can mix tofu, vermicelli, young bamboo shoots, celery and other vegetarian dishes to make the cooking pot delicious and lose weight.

Making a casserole is the easiest. Cut the ingredients, put them in a casserole, add water to boil, add seasonings, and continue to stew. It takes about 10 minutes to make a delicious vegetarian casserole. Remember that the vermicelli should not be placed on the bottom of the pot, the bottom of the pot is easy to stick to the pot, do not add cooking oil during the production process. Light vegetarian food is the healthiest and greenest food.

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