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Fruit meal replacement is unscientific, eating fruit before a meal is the best

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Eating more fruit is not the better

Fruits contain various nutrients needed by the human body, which can promote appetite and digestion. If eaten reasonably and selected scientifically, fruits can also help treat many diseases.

Now is the season when all kinds of fresh fruits are on the market in large quantities. Many people start to "supplement" fruits, thinking that more is better. However, the gastroenterologist at the Central Hospital told us that recently, some citizens often suffer from stomach pains due to eating too much fruit. The doctor recommends eating more fruits is not the best.

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Fruit meal replacement is not scientific

Fruit Weight loss should be selected according to your physical condition. Many MM eat on an empty stomach, or eat too many tomatoes, plums, watermelons, etc. Many women also think that summer is a good time to lose weight. In order to lose weight, they only eat fruits and skip meals. In fact, this is unscientific.

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