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How to do light fasting two days a week to lose weight?

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To lose weight, you must control your diet in a planned way. If you don’t have any purpose, just eat less food every day, it will be difficult to make Weight loss have a significant effect. If you want to lose weight successfully, you can use light fasting two days a week to lose weight. But some friends don’t know how to implement such a method, so today I will show you how to do the light fasting method for Weight loss two days a week?

The two-days-a-week light fasting method for weight loss is mainly in the first two days. During these two days, you can’t eat staple foods, and don’t eat meat. You should focus on vegetables and fruits, try to eat vegetable soup, and use vegetables that you can accept, such as Cabbage oil, lettuce, or celery, rapeseed, spinach are all acceptable. Choose the one that you feel is acceptable, then put it in a pot and add water to boil it. After cooking, add a small amount of salt and your favorite seasoning. Eat vegetable soup when you have a regular meal, or you can cut the fruit into cubes and top it with yogurt or salad dressing. Only eat these two foods for three meals a day.

Stick to this diet plan for two days, and then resume your normal diet. During the normal diet, you should also control the calories in the food, eat more vegetable-based foods, and eat a small amount of staple food appropriately. The staple food is every time you eat. You have to eat 50% full, and then drink more water, or drink appropriate tea, which is helpful for clearing the intestines. With this diet plan, stick to the remaining 5 days. This is the so-called 5+2. Seven-day light fasting to lose weight.

In addition to the light fasting weight loss method two days a week, you should also exercise more in your daily life, because more exercise can help consume subcutaneous fat, but also promote blood circulation, which can speed up the body's metabolism.

After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone understands, how to do light fasting to lose weight two days a week? I hope all friends can find the right way to lose weight, so that their body will become more and more beautiful, have a good body, and at the same time ensure that it does not affect the health of the body, so do not choose some scientific ones. A more formal method, don’t do things that affect your health just to lose weight

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