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Can I lose weight without dinner

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Young female friends hope that they can have a good body. Having a good body can give them a lot of points in daily friendship, work and love. However, modern people’s living standards have improved a lot, and most of the food they eat is relatively high in calories. , So it’s easy to gain weight. Some friends want to lose weight and wonder if they can lose weight without dinner?

Can I lose weight without dinner? It mainly depends on how the other two meals are arranged without dinner. If you eat more breakfast and lunch without dinner, and you eat high-calorie food for lunch, you don’t eat this way. Dinner can't play a very good Weight loss effect, and skipping dinner can easily affect the health of a person's digestive system.

Imagine that there are 24 hours a day, and there is only 4~5 hours between breakfast and lunch, which means that there are about 6 hours of eating during this time, and the rest of the time is not eating, such a person The stomach and intestines of the patient will secrete intestinal juice and gastric juice to break down the food. When there is no food to break down, acid reflux is prone to occur. Once the acid reflux is easy to cause gastric perforation or heartburn, these conditions It is very harmful to gastrointestinal health.

So the best way to lose weight is not to skip dinner, but to control the intake of calories in food during three meals. You can eat eggs or whole wheat bread at breakfast, drink a glass of milk, and eat some stew at lunch. Or stir-fried vegetables, you can put a small amount of lean meat, but when eating, it must be mainly vegetables. At dinner, you can eat some nutrient meal replacement powder or nutritious oatmeal, so that the calorie absorption is very low, there are foods in the stomach and intestines that can be digested, and other nutrients that the body needs can be absorbed.

Now I believe everyone understands whether it is possible to lose weight without dinner? I hope that all friends who need to lose weight can learn from it what the correct way to lose weight should be. Excessive dieting and unreasonable diet will not only fail to achieve the best Weight loss effect, but also easily make the body lose health. If you want to lose weight successfully, in addition to controlling your diet, you should also exercise more.

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