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How do you have a lot of fleshy back

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How do you have a lot of fleshy back

   Many girls are not fat in their own right, but the flesh on the back is easy to look awkward. However, partial Weight loss is a more difficult thing, so let's take a look at how to reduce the back with the editor.

  The main reason for the more fleshy back is obesity. In addition to this, there are the following reasons:

   1. Lack of exercise

   Insufficient exercise will directly cause the muscles of the shoulder and neck to degenerate, and the back will easily grow fleshy. Even if you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can also use the scattered time to do more appropriate exercises and exercise your muscles.

  2, can lie down but not sit

   Ge You lie inexplicably hot, but still proud of Ge You lie? Poor sitting posture will cause the pelvis to tilt, which will cause the whole body to tilt, and the tilted part will be more likely to accumulate fat.

  3, sitting for a long time

  I often find my back, shoulders and neck become stiff after sitting for a long time? If the upper body stays still for a long time, it will seriously affect the metabolism and cause fat accumulation. Sedentary people should often do shoulder and back stretching exercises.

   4. Underwear is not suitable

   Too tight underwear will hinder blood circulation and lymphatic stagnation. After the metabolism is reduced, the body is prone to accumulate aging waste, and the back is also more prone to accumulate fat. Underwear must be changed frequently. Don't wear tight underwear either.

   How to reduce the back meat

   1. Standing back muscle training

   The first step: Standing position, feet shoulder-width apart.

   Step 2: Move your body forward 120 degrees, bend your knees slightly, and center your weight between your legs.

   Step 3: Raise your arms naturally, cross your chest, and slide your arms toward your back in a rowing motion.

  2, standing back muscle training

  The first step: Standing position, feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbbells in both hands and let your arms droop naturally.

   Step 2: The body is parallel to the ground at 90 degrees, the knees are slightly bent, the back is naturally parallel to the head, and the front is straight.

   The third step: Bent arms to lift up the small dumbbell to the chest, and stay for 1-2 seconds when it reaches the chest. Note: Keep your head up.

  3, back muscle training on the mat

   The first step: Lie on your stomach on the mat.

   Step 2: Hold your hands behind your ears, raise your legs and upper body at the same time, hold it for 1-2 seconds and then put it down. This action allows the back muscles to be fully stretched. Note: When you put it down, it should be slower than the speed of tilting up.

   4. Back muscle training on the bench

   The first step: The left foot is on the ground and the knee joint is slightly bent, and the right calf is at 90 degrees to the thigh. Place it flat on the stool.

   Step 2 Hold the dumbbell in your right hand and fully stretch your arm to 90 degrees behind you. Note that when you stretch backward, breathe in, and breathe out when you lay down.

   The third step Exchange legs and repeat the above actions.

   5. Back muscle training on the bench

  The first step: Ride your legs apart on the orange, raise your head and chest, and look straight ahead.

   Step 2: Hold the dumbbells in both hands, extend both arms parallel to the ground, and bend the forearms upward at 90 degrees to the upper arm.

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