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Which is more important when weight loss is diet or exercise

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Many people who lose weight have difficulty losing weight at first. They feel that they have worked very hard, but still have not lost weight. The question is, have you really stopped? So people often ask me, is diet or exercise the most important thing to lose weight? Today this article will talk about related issues.

The most important thing to lose weight is diet or exercise

One of the standards we use in Weight loss is that the value of stored energy per kilogram of fat is about 3500 kcal, so if we want to lose one kilogram of fat, we need to create 3,500 kcal.

This gap needs to be realized from two aspects: heat input and heat output. Calorie input is well understood, that is, the calories we eat into the body. We keep silent and control the calorie input.

There are several aspects of calorie output: basic metabolism, calories from digested food, and calories from sports activities. For the first two, it is difficult for us to make substantial changes. Increasing muscle content can improve metabolism, yes, but the amount of improvement is very limited.

10 kg muscle gain (may take 3-5 years or even longer), the basal metabolic gain is less than 200 kcal, it is of little significance, because the muscle gain time is too long.

The main thing we can control is the calories consumed in sports activities, which is why we need to open our legs-to increase the calorie expenditure in sports activities.

From the perspective of output, the largest proportion of output calories is basal metabolism, which accounts for 60%-80% of the total daily consumption. About 10% of the calories are used for food decomposition, and the remaining 10%-30% is exercise Caused by activities.

We can improve calorie's consumption metabolism through some exercise, but the human body has memory. As your exercise volume increases, the body will reduce the basic metabolism and use the calories of food to maintain the body's caloric balance.

The calories we can consume every day through output are limited. This is one of the factors that we only lose fat through exercise. Another factor is that when we only exercise and not control intake, the calories we work for an hour may be five. Was eaten back within minutes.

Therefore, if you only use exercise to reduce fat, first, it is difficult to create enough calorie gaps to promote the decomposition of body fat; second, because we do not control our intake, it is likely that our intake will be much higher. Because of the output of the body, we are tired after exercise.

Losing weight is not without exercise. The benefits of exercise are unquestionable, including lowering blood pressure and triglycerides in the blood, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure. But in the process of fat loss, the dominant one is to control your diet!

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