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Warm up your whole body in 1 minute

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One, must warm up

In winter, the density of venues and equipment increases, and the impact on the human body also increases. In addition, under cold conditions, the human muscles are stiff and the joints have poor flexibility, and muscle strains or joint contusions are prone to occur. Therefore, when exercising, we should be prepared, step by step. The lower the outdoor temperature, the longer the warm-up time. "  How do I do warm-up exercises?" Preparatory activities include jogging, wiping your face, washing your nose, slapping your muscles, moving your arms, and squatting. Especially before swimming in winter, there must be enough preparation activities. Through jogging, body massage and other methods, the functional activities of various parts of the body can be mobilized, and the excitability and response ability of the central nervous system can be improved.

   6-minute warm-up method

   2. Breathe correctly and avoid cold air irritating the throat

Specific steps:

   3. Choose the right clothes, keep warm and light

Stretching the whole body muscles for 3 minutes can improve the flexibility of the body.

"Exercise" for 1 minute, such as raising your arms before lifting dumbbells and jogging on the spot before running, will help enhance your physical coordination. "  4. Choose the right time for outdoor exercise" The principle is that it is best to breathe through the nose during exercise: because the nasal mucosa has blood vessels and secretions, it can heat the inhaled air. The cold air filtered through the nose is clean, humid and not too cold, which can protect the respiratory system very well.

The right way of breathing

Exercise ventilation should use nasal suction and mouth breathing. Do not breathe deeply during exercise, but use the nasal cavity or mixed breathing method to reduce the adverse irritation of the cold air to the respiratory tract. As the amount of exercise increases, when you only inhale through your nose and feel suffocated, you can use your mouth to help you inhale. Your mouth should be half open, and your tongue should be rolled up against your upper jaw, letting air in and out through your teeth.

   5. Prepare warm water and replenish water in time

Principle: Many exercisers have a misunderstanding that they are used to wearing light clothes before exercising. However, exercise advocates adding or reducing clothing during exercise, rather than immediately before and after exercise. Before exercise, the human body is still at a normal temperature. At this time, too many people undressed. Cold air has bad irritation to the lungs, bronchi, spleen and stomach, and can easily cause diseases.

Workout three-stage dressing guide

Wear thick clothes before exercising. After 8-10 minutes of warm-up activity, your body temperature will gradually rise before you take off your jacket.

Pay attention when practicing. You should not wear too much or too little. You should try to wear warm, light and soft clothes. You should not be too tight or too fat, so as not to hinder your exercise. Do not choose to sit in the air vent between exercises. You can untie your clothes slightly and wipe off the sweat with a soft dry towel.

Not suitable for morning exercise before sunrise

Principle: The inversion layer often appears in winter, and various harmful gases and smoke are not easy to diffuse, especially before sunrise, there are many impurities and bacteria in the air. Long-term exercise in this kind of air can easily cause chronic respiratory diseases. In addition, cardiovascular function was at its worst at 6 o'clock in the morning. If there is cardiovascular disease, it is easy to get sick.

Not suitable for exercise in foggy days

Principle: Poor air circulation in foggy days, there are still impurities and bacteria floating in the air. Exercising at this time can easily inhale these impurities and bacteria into the human body, so exercise should be avoided as much as possible in foggy days. When the air pollution index is too high, it is not suitable for outdoor sports.

Exercise should be done after sunrise and before sunset. The metabolism of young people is very fast, and their body functions recover quickly after exercising in the morning or noon. It is recommended to set the exercise time to 7: 00-9: 00 in the morning and 12: 00-14: 00 noon.

To replenish water at different stages of exercise requires drinking about 500 ml of warm water 2 hours before exercise. Supplement wa

Drink electrolyte beverages after exercise, that is, beverages containing minerals such as sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. Or you can add some sugar in the boiled water at a ratio of 1:15 to drink. Adding sugar to the water can maintain a certain level of blood sugar and delay fatigue, thereby ensuring the health of the bodybuilder.

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