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The benefits of running and the best time

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Benefits of running:

1. Improve sleep quality By running, the blood and oxygen supply to the brain can be increased by 25%, thereby improving the quality of sleep at night.

2. Increasing vital capacity Running can increase vital capacity from an average of 5.8 liters to 6.2 liters, and the amount of oxygen carried in the blood will also greatly increase.

3. When the myocardium is in motion, the frequency and efficacy of the heartbeat increase greatly, and the elasticity of the blood vessel wall also increases.

4. Running can enhance immunity, promote the production of white blood cells, and eliminate viruses and bacteria in the body.

5. Enhance physical resilience. Running can enhance the resistance to injury of tendons, ligaments and joints, and reduce the possibility of sports injuries. At the same time, the skin, muscles and connective tissue will become stronger.

6. Jogging to eliminate tension will inhibit the secretion of adrenaline and cortisol, these two hormones will cause tension, and at the same time will release "endorphins", making people feel relaxed.

7. Anti-aging regular exercise can increase the secretion of growth hormone, thereby delaying aging.

8. Fitness and body sculpting. Running is a great way to lose weight and shape your body. Through running, women's body fat content can be reduced by 12% to 20%.

9. People who exercise their will for a long time and those who persist in exercise will greatly improve their will quality, fatigue will quickly recover, and will quickly return to calm.

   Although there are so many benefits of running, there are some principles to follow.

Slow running has different stimulation to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, while slow running has a slight stimulation to the heart. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to control the initial running intensity by multiplying the number of pulses per minute (the number of pulses when awake and quiet in the morning) by 1.4 ~ 1.8 to obtain the number of pulses per minute as the target heart rate.

The purpose of small strides in running is to actively reduce the muscle strength of each step and extend the running time as much as possible. If the stride is large, the strength of the ankle will increase accordingly, which will easily lead to fatigue, thereby reducing the interest in running, and eventually cause people to give up running.

Long-distance running should generally exceed 3000 meters, but you should do your best. Jogging and long-term running will consume excess calories accumulated in the body. This "active" consumption is the best auxiliary method for lowering blood lipids, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Doing what you can is an important principle of healthy running. Generally speaking, everyone's physique and surrounding environment are different, so when running, you must combine your own actual situation, such as reasonable arrangement of running speed and distance. Of course, it is best to proceed under the guidance of professionals.

After running, slowly rub and pat the legs and arms to relax the muscles.

   The best time to run: Evening

Jogging at night is better than jogging in the morning and afternoon. This is the conclusion drawn after the jogging time series test was conducted on 8 men between the ages of 24 and 28 from 7:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon. Jogging in the morning may cause blood clots and lead to heart failure, while jogging at night may reduce the tendency to blood clots and prevent heart failure.

Medical statistics show that early morning is not only the peak of heart attack, but also the time of sudden death, with an incidence rate of 61.3%. Shioda, an associate professor of physical physiology at Yamaguchi University in Japan, pointed out that jogging in the morning puts a lot of stress on the heart, because the heart is usually unable to adapt to the full exercise in the morning. Yantian also said that jogging stimulates the body to secrete a lot of hormones, which makes the heart beat faster. His experiments with several female college students showed that the adrenaline secretion of morning runners is 2 to 4 times higher than the adrenaline secretion stimulated by afternoon or evening jogging.

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