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Using this method, netizens lost 13 catties in a month

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Since the beginning of spring, people have been losing weight. But the final result was different. Some succeeded, some failed, and some got fatter.

   This time I introduced a netizen's method to lose weight after practicing. She lost 13 pounds in a month.

   Diet during Weight loss:

   1. Choose boiled food

   Three meals a day, preferably boiled or braised food.

   The food for each meal can be boiled vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and potatoes.

   Boiled food is low in calories and rich in nutrients, which is very suitable for consumption during Weight loss.

   Precautions for making boiled food,

  Use vegetable oil and consume a small amount.

   Sea salt, black pepper, vinegar, and soy sauce are recommended as seasonings.

   If you feel hungry after three meals, you can drink warm water or eat tomatoes and apples to satisfy your hunger.

   2. Eat a variety of foods

   Eat a variety of balanced foods during weight loss.

   First of all, we must ensure that the three meals have vegetables, meat and staple food. In addition, we cannot eat the same food at every meal every day. We should change some food types according to the principles of weight loss and personal preferences, so as to ensure more adequate nutrient intake, help the body better circulate and metabolize, and at the same time help reduce the desire to eat, which is more helpful for weight loss.

   3. Eat slowly

   Chew more when eating, eat slowly, and eat faster, so that when you are full, you can eat less and achieve the effect of weight loss.

   Chew each bite 30 to 40 times, first eat large pieces of vegetables and meat that need to be chewed, and then eat staple foods that do not require excessive chewing.

   I can’t eat every time I lose weight, I don’t eat when I’m hungry.

   4. Do not eat any food after five o'clock in the evening

   My metabolism slows down in the afternoon. In order to keep fit and burn accumulated fat, try to advance dinner as much as possible, and do not eat any food after five o'clock in the evening. To avoid edema, do not drink water after 7 o'clock in the evening.

   5. Keep exercising

   Find a way to exercise that you like and can stick to, exercise at least five days a week.

  Exercise can not only increase the fat burning rate, but also help build muscle, which is an important part of losing weight and correcting body shape.

   The exercise method used by netizens is to skip rope for ten minutes a day and swim once a week for forty minutes.

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