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Stretch for five minutes every morning to easily increase the speed of metabolism

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Do you have a fast metabolism from the beginning of the day? Then quickly stretch for a few minutes in the morning. Stretching in the morning can wake up the sleeping internal organs, increase the blood circulation speed of the whole body, and greatly help to improve the metabolism and promote the secretion of hormones. When the metabolism becomes faster, it can not only burn and promote fat, but also contribute to the formation of lean body mass.

   the way to stretch,

   stretch the whole body

   Stand up straight, then stretch your arms and hands up until the muscles stretch, hold for two deep breaths, and then return. The whole body will continue to stretch for about five times.

  This kind of stretching exercise can stretch the muscles of the whole body, which is very helpful for awakening the organs, expanding the range of muscle activity and promoting blood circulation.

   stretch shoulders

   Stand or sit with your back straight and relax your lower body.

   After adjusting your breathing, place your right hand on your right shoulder and your left hand on your left shoulder.

   After tightening the waist and abdominal muscles, center the left and right shoulders and rotate back 10 times and then forward 10 times.

   Shoulder stretching exercises in the morning can relieve shoulder pain, improve the vitality of brown fat cells in the scapula, help maintain health, increase the rate of metabolism, not only can burn the fat that promotes, but also promote the formation of lean body.

   stretch the waist area

   Keep your back straight, legs shoulder-width apart, and place your hands above your hips near your waist.

   After adjusting your breathing, slowly rotate your hips 10 times clockwise and 10 times counterclockwise.

   Stretching the waist can stretch the muscles of the waist and promote blood circulation in the pelvis. It can not only increase the metabolic rate of the whole body, but also eliminate the edema of the lower body and inhibit the accumulation of toxins. In addition, the extension of the waist can also promote intestinal peristalsis, including promoting defecation, laxative effects and detoxification.

   Busy work and no time to exercise? Stretching for five minutes every morning can not only improve blood circulation, but also detoxify the body more thoroughly and increase the rate of metabolism.

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