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A simple way to lose ten pounds, it turns out that you can do this

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The season of flying skirts is getting closer, and the desire to get rid of cellulite is getting more and more urgent. The simple way to lose ten pounds, it turns out that this is all you need to do.

   Organize a set of methods with a high success rate of Weight loss, insist on losing weight for one to two months and easily lose more than ten catties.

   Weight loss requirements,

   1. No matter how busy you are, you should eat three meals on time. It is best not to eat other foods except for three meals.

   2. Do not eat high-calorie snacks during weight loss. If you are really hungry or hungry, you can eat fruits, nuts, yogurt to ease your appetite.

   3. Drink plenty of white water or tea, drink tirelessly, drink four bottles of mineral water every day.

   4. Weight loss is a process that requires persistence. Avoid three days of fishing and two days of exposure to the net to lose weight.

   5. If you have any discomfort during the weight loss process, please stop losing weight to avoid affecting your health.

   Weight loss rules,

   1. Keep eating breakfast

  Breakfast can wake up the sleeping organs and increase the metabolism of the whole body. It is an essential step for weight loss. Eat breakfast before 8:30 in the morning and eat until you are 80% full to ensure a balanced and comprehensive nutrition.

   2. Stop eating staple food after lunch

   Try to eat something light for lunch, and you can eat the staple food. But no staple food can be eaten after lunch.

   In the afternoon, my metabolism is slow. In order to avoid excess calories and fat accumulation, it is recommended to start a light diet at lunch and stop eating staple foods after lunch to avoid excess calories and a sharp rise in blood sugar levels, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss.

  3. End dinner before five o'clock, and stop eating any food after dinner

   If you do not eat after 5 pm, you can allow enough time for digestion, excretion and rest. It not only purifies the intestines, removes excess oil and waste, but also improves blood flow and metabolism.

   Have a light dinner and not eat the staple food.

   4. Fall asleep before ten thirty in the evening

   go to bed early and get up early, fall asleep at 10:30 every night, 7 to 9 hours of sleep can secrete and promote leptin, which can not only increase the speed of metabolism, but also limit appetite, and have a significant effect on weight loss and fitness.

   5. Keep exercising

   Insist on exercising can not only increase the fat burning rate, but also improve blood circulation and metabolism. Even if you cannot burn fat immediately after exercise, you will definitely get a significant weight loss effect if you stick to it.

   According to the above weight loss method, it is easy to lose ten pounds. The method is relatively simple, so just do it.

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