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How to solve the problem of office workers with big stomachs

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How to solve the problem of office workers with big stomachs

   Now many office workers need to sit for a long time, so it is easy to accumulate fat in the abdomen, but many people don’t have time to exercise, so let’s take a look at the methods for slimming stomachs suitable for office workers.

   Belly fat accumulation is a common problem for many office workers. Because of long-term sitting and lack of exercise, the most important thing for office workers to completely solve the problem of belly fat is to use the time at work to get more active.

   1. Reduce the abdomen all the time

No matter whether we walk or stand in our daily life, we must remember to shrink our abdomen forcefully, and then cooperate with abdominal breathing. After a period of time, there will be unexpected surprises. You will see your lower abdomen muscles become tight, unconsciously Can shake off the belly.

  2, sit upright

   Female friends who have been sitting in the office for a long time, you must sit in an upright posture, don’t hunch back, and don’t sway your feet handsomely. A correct sitting posture not only looks good in posture, but also keeps your abdomen and buttocks in a tense state, so that the hip line is not easily deformed and the leg line will become redder.

  3, drink plenty of water

   Many female friends do not like to drink water. Many women think that drinking too much water will cause them to swell and have fat on their stomachs, but the opposite is true. "Even if drinking water makes us puffy, drinking more water can help our body excrete sodium and reduce swelling.

  4. Don't bear poop, eat more fruits and vegetables

   Female friends must not tolerate bowel movements in normal times. Tolerance of bowels can easily make your stomach bloated. If you get used to it, it will make the rectal mucosa become dull, and even form inertial constipation, then the belly will appear!

  How do office workers lose their stomachs?

  一、Stand often

   The most prone place for office workers to get meat is the abdomen. They rarely get up for 8 hours a day. They sit in front of the computer all the time and can only listen to the sound of the keyboard. Every time I finished my lunch, I would crawl and rest. It would be difficult if I didn't want to grow meat. No matter how busy you are, at least stand up and rest every hour, stretch your arms, stretch your legs, and twist your waist. Especially after lunch, you must stand up and walk around.

  Second, drink plenty of water

   Needless to say the benefits of drinking water, keep enough water every day to promote digestion and expel toxins. If you eat too oily at noon, drink more water. Drinking a lot of water, and going to the toilet more often, just use the time between drinking water and going to the toilet to stand up and rest. Of course, you can also drink it, such as Pujian Decoction: Pujian Decoction can promote intestinal peristalsis and discharge toxins. Pujian Decoction contains a lot of fiber, which can promote colonic peristalsis, help defecation and eliminate toxins. Pujiantang has a more beneficial effect than general high-fiber foods, and directly solves the troubles of constipation, so the raised lower abdomen will gradually become flat. .

   Three, don't lift your legs

   The bad habit you need to quit the most is your legs. Many office workers have the problem of tilting their legs. In fact, this action will compress blood vessels and nerves. The blood circulation is slow and it is easy to accumulate rubbish and fat when sitting. If the blood vessels and nerves are compressed, the weight may be more serious.

  Four, do abdominal breathing at any time

   In the office, do abdominal breathing whenever you remember! Its benefits are that it can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the excretion of stool, and accelerate the burning of abdominal fat. Method: Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose, and feel the abdomen bulge slowly, stop breathing for a few seconds, then exhale slowly from the mouth, feeling the abdomen sunken, do it 5-6 times per minute. Remember to focus on the ups and downs of your abdomen as you breathe.

   Five, stroke clockwise

   is also a good choice for touching the belly. Remember, press your right hand slightly harder on the fat area, and then you can stroke the fat over a large area or a small area, clockwise. After a while, increase the intensity a little bit and touch again. Slowly increase the strength, and finally touch the flesh of the belly. After a strong sensation of burning, you can stop. This is to burn fat.

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