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What are the weight loss methods that dietitians often use?

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Humans have to maintain a balance between life and the pursuit of slimness in order to successfully become thinner. If the life management is too loose, then the body and health will be harmed. If you only pursue a slim figure, it will definitely make the original life boring and difficult.

   So this time I will introduce some Weight loss methods commonly used by nutritionists to help people lose weight in a balanced and relaxed atmosphere.

   1. A balanced diet

   Do not eat high-calorie, high-sugar, or greasy foods during Weight loss, but also ensure a balanced diet every day, and do not overeat or limit your diet.

   Three meals a day, to ensure that each meal has sufficient vegetables, protein food and staple food.

   In addition to starch-rich vegetables, any other vegetables can be eaten, and the proportion of vegetables in each meal is higher than 50%.

   protein food can be selected from refined lean meat (beef, chicken breast, shrimp, fish, etc.). ), no fat is added to eggs, dairy products and soy products. The proportion of protein food per meal is higher than 30%, if you insist on a lot of exercise every day, it can increase to 40%.

  The fat is preferably a vegetable oil, such as olive oil, coconut oil, and linseed oil.

   The staple food can be miscellaneous grains, potatoes, etc. You can increase sugar slowly. The proportion of staple food per meal cannot be higher than 20%.

   2. Eat some foods that feel full

   During the weight loss period, do not blindly restrict your diet, eat in the manner described above. Because the dietary fiber and protein in vegetables and the wheat bran in cereals all help to enhance satiety.

When the feeling of fullness is satisfied, the desire to eat will be reduced, which not only relieves the psychological pressure during weight loss, but also suppresses the occurrence of overeating, helps to ensure continuous weight loss, and at the same time improves the success rate of weight loss and maintains body shape. great help.

   3. Eat some foods that are slow to digest

   In addition to enhancing satiety during weight loss, it is also necessary to eliminate the problem of rapid digestion. If the food you eat is digested immediately, there will be hunger between meals, which will not only produce a strong desire to eat, but also increase the psychological pressure during weight loss. However, if you eat more foods that are slow to digest when you lose weight, you can prolong the time of fullness and avoid the feeling of fasting between meals, which is very helpful for sustained weight loss.

   The above-recommended protein, wheat bran in cereals, and dietary fiber in vegetables are all foods that are slow to digest and have a significant effect on suppressing the feeling of fasting.

   There are skills and a nutritious diet that allows you to lose weight while enjoying life.

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