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The most commonly overlooked weight loss tips

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When it comes to Weight loss, you can only think of not eating meat, dieting, ironing, running? It can also be very simple to lose weight. There are many Weight loss tips around us. If we are willing to observe and practice, we can easily lose weight.

   1. Take a deep breath

   Sit up or stand upright. After breathing is balanced, inhale slowly through your nose until your abdomen slowly swells. After three seconds, exhale slowly through your mouth. During the exhalation, the stomach gradually recovered. Keep your belly button close to your spine and take the next deep breath after three seconds.

   Take deep breaths about 20 times each time, and practice deep breathing several times a day.

   Deep breathing can provide enough oxygen to the body, help eliminate turbidity, improve blood circulation and metabolism, and eliminate toxins.

   2. Tighten the belly

   Whether standing or sitting, you must consciously tighten your abdominal muscles. This can stimulate and stretch your abdominal muscles, which has a significant effect on trimming the abdominal curve and inhibiting the accumulation of abdominal fat.

  I don’t have time to exercise, so keeping my abdominal muscles tightened is the easiest way to stretch thin abdomen.

   3. Drink a glass of water before eating

Drinking a cup of warm water before each meal can stimulate the blood circulation in the intestines in advance, not only increase the metabolic rate, but also allow the brain to receive dietary signals in advance, which helps the early arrival of satiety, reduces appetite, controls food intake, and prevents violence. The role of overeating.

   Drink water slowly before meals, not large amounts at once.

   4. Soak your feet

   Soaking feet in warm water can relieve fatigue, detoxify, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, and are very helpful for Weight loss and fitness.

   The temperature of the foot bath is about 40 degrees, and the water level is higher than the ankle.

   5. Stand your legs upside down for ten minutes before going to bed

   stood for a day, toxins, lymphatic fluid, etc. It is accumulated in the calf, which will not only swell the calf, but also affect the return of blood at the end of the body. Therefore, it is recommended that your legs stand upside down before going to bed to help blood and lymph flow, not only to thin your legs, but also to improve the circulation and metabolism of the whole body.

  The way to lose weight can also be very simple, as long as you can stick to good habits, you can lose weight successfully!

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