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What efforts should be made from 120 catties to 100 catties

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The larger the weight base, the more significant the Weight loss effect will be. On the contrary, the fatter the crowd, the harder it is to lose weight.

   Appearance obesity is not necessarily due to excessive fat accumulation, but also related to muscle relaxation and slow metabolism. Most people who are slightly fat are caused by the latter two factors. Therefore, from 120 catties to 100 catties, we must improve these two types of problems.

  Tighten muscle groups and improve muscle vitality:

   1. Adjust daily posture to prevent muscle deformation

   Do not maintain the same posture for a long time, avoid adding pressure to a certain muscle group, and prevent loss of shape.

   Standing for a long time, sitting for a long time, except for sleeping in the same position for a long time.

   Do not work at the desk for a long time or look down at the phone.

  Don't bend down and cross your legs.

   2. Increase muscle exercise

  As the age increases and the amount of exercise decreases, the condition of muscle deformation and muscle relaxation continues to deteriorate. The same muscles become looser and bigger, so people with loose muscles look fatter than those with tight muscles. If you want to lose weight, it is recommended that the muscle tightening group do more exercise.

   Insist on muscle stretching exercises to expand the range of muscle activity, which is very helpful for tightening muscles and improving muscle vitality.

  Aerobic exercise can burn fat, but if you want to become better and have a faster metabolism, you need to do enough muscle exercise.

   It is recommended to maintain muscle exercise for at least three days a week to help correct muscle shape, improve muscle vitality, tighten muscles, and improve metabolism.

   Ways to improve metabolism

   1. Ensure a good work and rest

   Get up on time in the morning without staying in bed, and go to bed on time at night without staying up late.

   Eat three meals on time, don’t be hungry for a full meal.

   Regular work and rest can normally secrete hormones and increase metabolism.

   2. Keep warm

   For every degree of increase in body temperature, the basal metabolic rate will increase by 12%. So paying more attention to keeping warm will greatly help improve metabolism. Pay attention to moderate warmth.

   Eat warm food instead of cold drinks, take a warm bath, and add clothes in time according to the weather.

   If you want to lose weight from 120 catties to 100 catties, in addition to controlling your diet and increasing aerobic exercise, you should also follow the above methods to lose weight, because these methods can make people who are slightly obese lose weight.

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