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Thanks to this method, I have lost weight from 130 kg to less than 100 kg

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As long as you work hard, everything will be rewarded, and Weight loss is no exception.

   It’s just that losing weight is a complicated thing, and doing it blindly may not necessarily succeed. This time, I will introduce a set of methods for netizens to lose weight, so that everyone knows the way to lose weight and avoid the quagmire of Weight loss.

   Netizens weighed 130 jins at first, and lost less than 100 jins in less than three months. The following will sort out her weight loss methods, hoping to help all the little fairies who want to lose weight.

   1. Eat your favorite food at lunch time

   Put your favorite foods in your lunch during the weight loss period. Although there are no restrictions on lunch, be careful not to overeating during lunch, at most to a slightly full state, and ensure that lunch has a protein-rich food, such as lean meat, eggs, and soy products.

   Eating some digestible foods for breakfast can not only wake up the body, increase metabolism, but also reduce the burden on the stomach.

   Dinner can only be light, such as some vegetable soup, vegetable salad, etc. And can not eat high-calorie foods and staple foods containing high-carbon water. And supper should be finished before 18 o'clock in the evening, and no other food can be eaten until the end of the meal.

   2. Adhere to a sport that you can practice at any time

   Although systemic exercise can burn fat better, the possibility of persisting in exercise is very small. Therefore, it is recommended to add some exercises that can be activated at any time to ensure that there is enough exercise every day.

   For example, take a walk for half an hour after a meal, skip rope for ten minutes while resting, walk 10,000 steps, climb ten steps, and so on.

   Although there is no strict system exercise during weight loss, there should be one or two daily exercises every day.

  3. Weight loss day

   Weight loss is a time when psychological stress increases sharply. I am worried about losing weight halfway through the meal. If you don't eat food, you will have a lot of appetite and will be obviously inert after exercise. In order to relieve these pressures and ensure the continued progress of weight loss, it is necessary to set a day for weight loss and relaxation according to personal circumstances. On this day, you can not eat and exercise in accordance with the requirements for weight loss, which can help relieve stress and promote sustained weight loss.

   The way netizens lose weight is very simple, but it is not easy to maintain such a weight-loss life. Therefore, if you lose weight, please continue to lose weight carefully to achieve real weight loss victory.

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