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Ten things that models must do to lose weight

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In addition to losing excess fat, we should also strive to maintain a good figure.

   The figure of the model is enviable, and at the same time, I try to keep my figure several times taller than ordinary people.

   Here are ten things that models must do to lose weight.

   Incident 1: Eat only boiled food

   In order to avoid unnecessary intake of calories and fat, the food that the models eat is usually boiled.

   Whether it's meat or vegetables, they are cooked only with water. Never eat fried or fried food.

   Incident 2: Eat only a small amount of salt

   In addition to controlling calories, diet should also control salt to avoid unnecessary appetite and prevent swelling.

   Only a small amount of salt is added to the daily diet, and the addition of high-calorie seasonings should be strictly controlled.

  Event 3: Eat as slowly as you can

   Chew slowly to satisfy appetite and stimulate satiety. It can reduce food intake and satisfy food cravings.

   Chew each bite about 40 times and eat slowly for about 15 minutes.

   Event 4: Strictly control sugar

   Do not eat desserts, snacks, sweet fruits, white rice and flour. Reasonable control of confectionery can effectively avoid a sharp rise in blood sugar levels and fat production.

   In addition, sugar control can also delay aging and beautify the skin.

   Event 5: Never eat supper

   The habit of not eating late-night snacks before going to bed and not eating any food after meals can effectively avoid caloric intake, reduce the burden on the stomach, and greatly help physical fitness, Weight loss and gastric peristalsis.

   Not only that, but not eating midnight snacks can also improve sleep quality.

   In addition to not eating midnight snacks, but also pay attention to the time of breakfast and dinner, at least five hours before going to bed on an empty stomach.

  Event 6: Drinks and alcohol are not allowed

   Drink plenty of water, about 2 liters a day. In addition, you can drink moderate amounts of tea and black coffee without any additives, but you cannot drink any form of beverages or alcohol.

   Event 7: Ensure adequate exercise every day

   It’s not enough to keep healthy just by controlling your diet. It is necessary to keep exercising for more than one hour every day. The form of exercise includes aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise.

   If you are really busy, you should also exercise more than five days a week.

   Incident 8: Soak in warm water

   In order to prevent edema and detoxification, soak your feet in warm water every day. Each bath lasts about fifteen minutes, and the water temperature is about 40 degrees.

   Incident 9: Stick to massage

   More massage and Shuntong lymph fluid can not only increase the fat burning rate, but also detoxify, and have the effects of Weight loss, fitness, health, anti-aging and skin care.

   Incident 10: Guarantee about eight hours of sleep every day

  Plenty of sleep can balance the body's hormone secretion, which is very helpful for physical health, strengthening the body, and suppressing edema.

   The model has a beautiful figure, but it is also obtained through hard work and dedication.

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