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Getting up early helps to lose weight?

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When the alarm clock rings or refuses to get up or lie in bed, it is the state of life for most people, and it is also the trouble that many people cannot lose weight. In fact, there are not only familiar Weight loss methods, such as eating less and exercising more, but also effective weight loss methods. This introduction is about the benefits of getting up early and the effects of weight loss.

  : The benefits of not going to bed and getting up early

   1. Wake up the blood circulation and endocrine system of the whole body

   After getting up, the body is bathed in sunlight, which can quickly restore body temperature, keep blood pressure stable, and secrete growth hormone. It is not only healthy, but also burns and promotes fat.

   2. Have time for breakfast

   Get up early on time to ensure that there is plenty of time for breakfast. Morning is a time of lack of energy. If you take in enough energy and nutrition at this time, you can ensure the body's metabolism and blood circulation are rapid, not only can eliminate toxins, but also accelerate the burning of fat, and the effect of weight loss and fitness is significant.

   In addition, insisting on eating breakfast can enhance the feeling of fullness, slow down the desire to eat throughout the day, and prevent overeating during lunch.

   3. Bask in the sun and promote the secretion of serotonin

   Serotonin not only promotes metabolism, but also enhances happiness. If you get up a few minutes early every day and get in the sun, you can secrete serotonin, which can ensure a fast metabolism throughout the day and make people feel happy.

   If you can't wake up in the morning, you can try to adjust your sleep time. A good night’s sleep can ensure a good quality of sleep, as well as getting up early.

Turn off all electronic devices at around 9:30 every night, and go to bed before 10:30, so that you can quickly go to sleep and ensure adequate sleep throughout the night, which can ensure the spirit of getting up early, and ensure the secretion of leptin , It is of great help to health and fat burning.

   Morning time is as expensive as gold. Reasonable use can not only increase metabolism, but also burn fat and maintain health. If you still don’t know how to lose weight, try to go to bed and get up early.

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