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Simple weight loss method weight loss method is suitable for everyone

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1. slow down

  Many people are used to stepping on when walking faster. In fact, this is wrong. At this time, you should slightly shorten the distance of each step.

   2. Go somewhere else

   Guess what, different roads can give your body different stimulation! If you are used to walking on asphalt or treadmills, you might as well switch to beach, grass or even gravel roads. Experts say this can allow you to burn 60 more calories per hour.

  3. Increase the load

   backpack (please choose a professional sports or mountaineering backpack that can be worn completely on the chest and back)! Although it is effective for fattening the body, it cannot be recited infinitely. Experts recommend not to exceed 20% of your body weight, otherwise you will hurt your back and waist.

   4. Eat slowly

   We are always very busy. In the car, we use the gap at work to unconsciously "swallow" dinner, which poses a threat to the body over time. At home or in leisure time, please remember to slow down your chewing speed so that we can enjoy the original taste of food and reduce food consumption. Every bite at a meal is equal to the age of a person. In other words, the older you get, the more you chew with each bite. For example, for a 40-year-old, it is best to chew 40 times a bite. The slower the chewing, the more digestion in the body can be increased, and the immune system can be strengthened.


   5. Drink some fruit vinegar before bathing

   You can drink some fruit vinegar and soak it for half an hour before bathing, because vinegar can promote blood circulation around the limbs and take away a lot of fat. And it can keep the body fresh and not affected by high temperature.

   6. Don't do other things while eating

   Avoid doing other things at the same time while eating, such as watching TV or reading the newspaper while eating. Not only is it easy to eat too much food, but also subconsciously cultivated that watching TV is the time to eat, thus unconsciously eating a lot of free calories for entertainment.

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