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3 tips to promote fat burning

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The biological clock regulates the body's circulation and metabolism. As long as the biological clock is regular, it can not only maintain health, but also burn the promoted fat to form a thin body.

  If the biological clock deteriorates, it will not only induce obesity, but also make the body fatigue or dizziness, which will seriously threaten the health of the body. This time I introduce some tips for adjusting the rules of life, which can make Weight loss and health more effective.

   One, be sure to soak up the sun in the morning

   When the retina is stimulated by light in the morning, the body will automatically recognize it as "morning", and the body's metabolism will switch from the rest mode at night to the activity mode during the day. After this pattern is changed, body temperature, blood circulation, hormones, etc. will also change.

   Therefore, in order to better metabolism, we must not forget to bathe in the sun in the morning to help the body regulate internal circulation, increase the rate of metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of Weight loss and fat reduction and physical fitness.

   2. Can't stay up late, go to bed on time

   Staying up late for a long time will disturb the biological clock, and then affect the body's various functions, especially endocrine disorders.

   Endocrine disorders, the function of satiety will be reduced, the function of burning sugar and fat will also be weakened, not only induce obesity, but also make the body easy to gain weight.

   Prevent staying up late, maintain a normal biological clock and body internal circulation to ensure rapid metabolism throughout the body, prevent obesity, and accelerate the burning of accumulated fat.

   3. Stay away from electronic products one hour before going to bed

   The rhythm of the biological clock is disrupted, and you may not fall asleep at night, and you may not wake up in the morning. For example, when the night time is bright and short, many sleep-inducing hormones (melatonin) are secreted to promote going to sleep and maintain the biological clock. But every day before going to bed, I continue to watch electronic products. When I stay up late, melatonin will not be secreted and will not be sleepy, which will eventually lead to insomnia. Insufficient sleep can disrupt the rhythm of the biological clock, which in turn affects the endocrine and metabolic state, easily induces obesity, and even contributes to a body that is easy to gain weight.

  The method of adjusting the biological clock is actually very simple. As long as bathing in the sun in the morning, basking in the sun during the day, staying up late, and staying away from lights and lights for an hour or two before going to bed, the regularity of the biological clock can be ensured, and the effects of physical fitness and weight loss can be achieved.

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