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How to lose 15 pounds a month

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Do you want to spend a month to make a new look? This time I introduced a set of Weight loss methods, and I did it very seriously, and I can easily lose 15 pounds in a month. Will not rebound after Weight loss.

  The specific problem of the one-month weight loss method

   1. Eat regularly. No matter how busy you are, please eat three meals a day, except for three meals, you can not eat any other food. If you feel hungry between meals, you can drink warm water to fill your hunger.

   2. Develop the eating habit of eating slowly. Can't eat every meal. When you are not hungry, you should stop eating.

   3. A regular diet does not mean that you can eat any food. The foods you can eat every day during weight loss are:

   Staple foods are: quinoa, oats, brown rice, corn and sweet potatoes.

   Vegetables: Vegetables do not contain starch.

  Protein is refined lean meat, milk, eggs and soy products, in: no visible fat

   Fats: coconut oil, olive oil, avocado and nuts

  4. Three meals suggest boiling, stir-frying, and steaming cooking methods. Avoid fried foods and avoid fearless calories.

   5. For each meal, the proportion of vegetables should be higher than half. Try to reduce the proportion of staple food, especially dinner, eat less staple food.

   6. Dinner should end before 18 o'clock, or four hours before going to bed. And from dinner to breakfast the next day can not eat any food.

   7. Develop the habit of drinking warm water. You can choose white water or tea, but you cannot drink any kind of beverage.

   8. Take a proper walk for 15 minutes after each meal. Do not sit down and rest immediately.

   9. Make sure you have more than 40 minutes of exercise time every day. You can exercise once or divide it several times. Recommended sports include walking, running, aerobics, yoga, cycling, etc. If you have the habit of keeping on exercising, please keep doing it.

   10. Soak your feet in warm water or bathe in warm water for 15 minutes before going to bed. After bathing, a simple calf massage can better improve blood circulation, eliminate edema and relieve fatigue.

  11. Ensure adequate sleep, sleep seven hours before 11 o'clock every night.

   Strictly follow the above method to lose weight, not only can quickly consume fat, but also improve the circulation and metabolism of the whole body to ensure health.

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