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Teach you how to adjust your body to fat burning mode

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Does metabolism burn fat? In fact, the human body has different functional modes. If the daily diet is based on high-sugar foods, the body will start the sugar-burning mode and use glycogen as fuel to provide energy, but when the body is in the sugar-burning mode, it will not burn fat as expected. After reducing sugar intake in the diet, the body begins to use fat burning mode, which uses fat as fuel to supply energy. All people who want to lose weight need to activate the fat burning mode to remove excess fat and achieve the effect of losing weight.

  How can I adjust the energy supply mode to the fat burning mode?

   One, we need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates in our diet

   If you eat a lot of sugary foods, your body will choose to burn sugar and stop burning fat, which is not good for Weight loss.

  It is recommended not to eat sweets, snacks, candies and other foods containing sugar additives in daily life.

   In addition, it is necessary to control the intake of staple foods that contain a lot of starch, and replace daily staple foods with cereals, such as oats, brown rice, and buckwheat.

   In addition, pay attention to control the intake of high-sugar fruits such as melons and durians, and choose low-sugar fruits such as apples and strawberries.

   Two, supplement enough protein and fat intake

   In order to balance blood sugar levels and ensure a sense of fullness in the body, it is recommended to supplement enough protein and high-quality fat foods during the process of Weight loss after a sugar-limited diet.

   After reducing sugar intake, the body is in a state of self-protection, synthesizing protein and fat into glycogen, keeping blood sugar levels stable.

   This process of converting non-sugar substances into glycogen also burns a lot of fat, which makes the body consume more fat and calories during the fat burning mode, and achieve a more significant weight loss effect.

   If you want to burn fat better, you need to adjust the function mode of your body to burn fat. At this time, we must strictly control the intake of sugar to ensure the intake of protein and high-quality fat. In this way, more fat can be burned and the weight loss effect is remarkable.

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