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How to successfully lose weight without rebounding

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Can't shut your mouth, can't open your legs? Is that the reason for your fat? In fact, it's not. The main cause of obesity is related to hormones. Hormones affect our internal circulation, mood, menstruation, obesity, behavior, state, skin condition, etc.

   Obesity is not only caused by eating more and less exercise, but also caused by hormone imbalance. If the body's hormone status is not balanced, it is difficult to lose weight even on a diet. So people who lose weight should not blame themselves for eating more and less moving.

  Different hormone problems can affect obesity in different places:

   When the body's stress hormone adrenaline appears, it will accumulate fat in the waist and abdomen, which is most likely to induce large abdomen and form an apple-shaped body.

   If there is a problem with the secretion of estrogen, it will accumulate fat in the hips and thighs, and eventually become a pear-shaped body.

   Thyroid hormone problems can seriously affect the body's metabolism, inhibit protein production, hinder blood circulation, and eventually lead to edema and obesity of the limbs.

   Women with premenstrual edema and constipation are also caused by hormones. With the balance of menstruation and hormones, many physical problems will be relieved.

   If you want to lose weight successfully without rebounding, learning to balance hormones is the most important thing.

   Introduce some methods to balance hormones, and you can lose weight successfully in the long term.

   1. Don't stay up late

   Staying up late is the easiest way to break the hormone balance. Turn off the electronic devices before ten o'clock every night, go to bed at ten thirty, and sleep for seven hours a day.

   2. Don't eat fried food

   Too greasy food can also affect hormone secretion. Pay attention to a light diet and eat more boiled and steamed foods.

   3. Don't eat sugar

  Remove the sugar added in life, balance hormone secretion and prevent diabetes. Try to eat less sweets and sweets, and the staple food should be replaced by whole grains.

   4. Don't go on a diet

   Diet can cause strong changes in blood sugar levels, which leads to an imbalance in hormone secretion. During the Weight loss period, you should limit your diet reasonably, and never use extreme diets to lose weight.

   Eat less and exercise more to lose weight? The body is a very special individual. Only by adjusting the internal environment and hormone levels can you lose weight successfully.

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