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How to lose weight scientifically, four ways to help us lose weight healthily

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There are many ways to lose weight, but not all are healthy and reasonable. Unreasonable Weight loss methods have quick results, but have a bad effect on the body and may cause other metabolic diseases in the body.

   The root cause of obesity is excessive body calories, so as long as the body consumes more calories than it absorbs, the effect of Weight loss can be achieved. But doing this without harming your health is not an easy task. Below, we will introduce some reasonable and healthy ways to lose weight.

  First of all, increase the body’s metabolic rate

  One of the causes of obesity is the slow metabolism of the body. Fatty's phlegm and dampness will hinder the circulation of qi and blood and slow down the metabolism. Therefore, it can eliminate phlegm and dampness, increase the body's metabolic rate and help lose weight. In order to remove water and increase the body's metabolic rate, you can try some Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

   2. Reasonable diet

   Eating habits are the key to reducing calorie absorption. Eat as much variety as possible, don't just eat fruits and vegetables, or only eat high-protein foods. Eat a small amount of each kind of food, control the total calorie intake, and the nutrition will be more balanced. Control staple food, staple food is an important source of energy for normal metabolism of the human body, and intake can be appropriately reduced, but it is inevitable.

   Dinner should be in advance. It is recommended that the dinner time should not be later than seven o'clock, which will help energy consumption. The warmer you eat, the better. Cold food will shrink the surrounding objects, and the heat will not be easily lost, which will affect energy consumption. Moreover, cold food is much lower than the temperature of the gastrointestinal tract, which will hinder digestion and absorption, slow down metabolism, produce phlegm and dampness, and accumulate food.

  3. Exercise more

   In order to increase energy consumption, we cannot neglect exercise. Exercise that consumes energy helps to lose weight, and aerobic exercise works best. You can do some exercises such as hooking and raising your legs when you are sitting. All exercises consume a certain amount of calories.

   Several small exercises are easier and more effective. The key to weight loss is to consume as much energy as possible with each meal, so that it is possible to consume more calories than absorbed. Therefore, it is okay to exercise for 30 to 40 minutes within half an hour after the three meals, but it will consume calories. Brisk walking is a good choice.

  4. Guaranteed sleep

   Sufficient and effective sleep is an important guarantee for normal metabolism. People who lack sleep, although they seem to consume more energy, are actually more likely to be obese because of a lower metabolic rate. It is recommended that the best sleep time is from 10:00 in the evening to 6:00 in the morning, adjusted according to the changes in the day and night cycle of the four seasons. If energy is insufficient, taking a nap for 20-40 minutes is also beneficial to metabolism.

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