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Exercise to lose weight every day pinching the calf can be thin

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Can exercise to lose weight every day by pinching the calf?

   Muscle calf is a problem for many people. Continuous exercise may not lose weight, but will make the calf thicker. Can you lose weight by pinching the calf every day? How to massage the muscle calf to thin the calf? Here comes the method of thin calf muscles.

   Master the correct massage method and insist on pinching the calf to thin the calf. Appropriate massaging of the calf is conducive to relaxation of the calf, to a certain extent, it is helpful for thin legs, but attention is paid to the acupoints and massage. The correct method helps to shape the calf and promote blood circulation, which is good for the body.

   1. Press Taixi Point (20 times)

   is located slightly above the ankle. There is a small groove. Use your index finger and thumb to press it like grasping the Achilles tendon, effectively preventing the problem of cold feet and swelling.

   2. Knead the calf (1-2 minutes)

   Calf is easy to swell, so use the palms of your hands to knead it well.

   3. Press the knee socket (20 times)

   In order to prevent excess metabolic waste from the calf, pressing the knee socket can effectively make the blood flow in the leg.

   4. Knead the thigh (1-2 minutes)

   can effectively prevent and eliminate the production of cellulite. Use your hands to massage your thighs like squeezing a towel.

   5. Push the big and calf (1 minute)

   Compared with the calf, the metabolic waste of the thigh should be processed first, otherwise it will be easy to accumulate. Push up the big and calf with both hands forcefully, so that you can feel the pain.

   6. Press the base of the thigh (20 times)

   requires the subject to prevent swelling, and stimulate it with a little pressure with the fingertips.

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