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Why do you always lose weight unsuccessfully?

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There are thousands of ways to lose weight. For example, eating only one apple a day, cutting sugar thoroughly, and drinking vegetable soup for three meals are common ways to lose weight. But losing weight does not seem to be an easy task. Either losing weight fails, or rebounding quickly. Why is there such a miserable Weight loss situation? According to relevant information, there are mainly the following reasons for Weight loss failure.

   Reason 1: Lose weight without purpose

   Where do you want to go, what do you do first?

   I think most people will open the map to search for the destination, and then rush to the destination.

   In fact, the same is true for weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you must first set the goal of losing weight and choose the route that suits you best, so that you can reach your destination and avoid detours.

   Before losing weight, set a reasonable weight loss goal according to your own situation, such as losing ten pounds. This way you can lose weight with a purpose, and you will be more energetic.

   Reason two: extreme diet control

   Eat as little as possible during the weight loss period. I feel that eating less can reduce calorie intake and achieve the effect of weight loss. But in fact, this is the wrong way to lose weight.

   The body needs energy to burn fat, and the body’s only source of energy is diet, so when you don’t eat, your body cannot burn fat.

   In addition, compulsory refusal to eat will increase the psychological burden. Once the desire breaks out, it cannot be controlled, and it will eventually induce overeating, and it will also make weight loss fail.

   So in the process of losing weight, you can’t control your diet very much. A balanced diet can make you lose weight successfully.

   Reason 3: Too much attention to "weight"

   Many people think that weight loss is weight loss. In fact, losing weight is not about losing weight, but about consuming excess fat. So don't pay too much attention to weight changes during weight loss. It's better to look at the changes in body shape. When fat is reduced and muscles are increased, it is likely that the weight change is small and the body becomes thinner a lot.

   In addition, many people are happy or sad because of changes in their weight. The pressure caused by this weight is also the reason for weight loss.

   Reason 4: The mood to lose weight is too urgent

   Knowing that he can't eat fat in one bite, he is eager to lose weight, just like a balloon deflates.

   Weight loss is a continuous process. If you want to lose weight in a short time, you will increase the pressure and give up losing weight halfway. In addition, even if there is a rapid weight loss effect in the initial stage of weight loss, weight loss will rebound due to continued failure.

   Don’t worry about losing weight, you have to do it gradually according to your own situation, so that you can lose weight without rebounding.

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