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What should I do if it is too painful to lose weight and starve?

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Although dieting is not recommended to lose weight, it is impossible to lose weight without going hungry. The result is a pain of losing weight and starving. This time I introduce some ways to relieve the pain of hunger and help everyone lose weight in a relaxed and stress-free mood.

   Method 1: Eat some food you want slowly

   Don't hold back when you have a big appetite. It is recommended to eat some foods you want to eat slowly, so that you can calm your emotions and ease your cravings. For example, if you want to eat ice cream, use a spoon to dig half a scoop, and then eat it bit by bit. This can relieve your appetite very well without causing excessive calorie intake.

   Please note that you must eat very little food and eat slowly enough.

  The way to alleviate desire is not to suppress it by force, but to learn appropriate methods to release appetite, so as to completely repel appetite, relieve psychological pressure, and contribute to continuous Weight loss.

  Method 2: Learn to distract and concentrate

   When facing the desire to eat, don’t just think about eating or not, you can turn your attention to other events. For example, walking outdoors, exercising, watching movies, doing crafts and so on.

  Since one thing is confused, don’t worry about one thing, use another thing to relax and relieve stress. So after the appearance of appetite, you can focus on other things first, so that you will naturally forget the food you want to eat.

  Method 3: Drink warm water

  Warm water is really a great treasure, which can be used to relieve hunger, thirst, illness and fatigue.

   Warm water can make the stomach feel full, which can effectively reduce the desire to eat. In addition, warm water can stimulate the blood circulation in the stomach and intestines, allowing the brain to get the signal to eat, so that after the feeling of fullness appears, it is logical to reduce the appetite and reduce the pain of thinking about food.

   also pay attention to drinking warm water. First, you have to drink slowly, not all at once. In addition, do not drink ice water, but warm water. The water temperature should be around 40 degrees. In addition, you can only drink warm water or tea, not any kind of beverage instead.

  Hunger has appeared, are you still forced to endure it? Try the above methods to relax and relieve the pain of hunger.

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