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Is your figure okay? How to keep in shape during the holidays

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You have eaten big fish and meat for nearly a week. Even if you don’t gain weight right away, you must have accumulated too much fat and waste in your body.

   In order to avoid gaining weight, maintain health, and clean up the fat around the internal organs, we must develop the following lifestyle habits.

   1. Drink plenty of warm water

   Please put aside juice, drinks, milk tea, etc., and drink plenty of warm water or warm tea.

   First of all, sufficient warm water can promote blood circulation, accelerate the consumption of calories and fat, and help maintain a good figure. In addition, warm water can promote digestion and excretion of the internal organs, help to clean up the fat and waste around the intestinal wall and internal organs, and have a significant effect on health and fat reduction.

   In addition to white water, you can also choose warm tea. The tea polyphenols in tea are more helpful for reducing fat and purifying internal organs.

   2. Vegetables are the main food in the diet

   Eat three meals regularly, but make sure that each meal is mainly vegetables, and eat as little meat and staple food as possible.

   Vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins. After eating, they can promote blood circulation and metabolism, and have the effect of accelerating calorie consumption and fat decomposition.

   In addition, the dietary fiber in vegetables can directly absorb excess fat in the intestinal wall during digestion and excretion, which has a significant effect of strengthening the body, removing oil and losing weight. Not only that, these dietary fibers also have the effect of inhibiting the absorption of fats and sugars, which can inhibit the occurrence of obesity.

   3. Early dinner time

   Supper should be eaten four or five hours before going to bed. Do not eat any food after the meal until you go to bed. In this way, the internal organs can have longer rest time and metabolic time, not only can burn excess oil, but also can eliminate waste and toxins, whether it is fitness or health preservation, the effect is very good.

   4. Walk more and take less car

   is promoting, exercise is undoubtedly the best way to burn fat and calories. However, when you enter work immediately, there is no time for professional exercise. At this time, it is recommended to walk more or climb stairs. Using daily activities to promote blood circulation and metabolism not only takes too much time, but also consumes calories and fat burning, which has a significant effect on combating post-holiday obesity and suppressing obesity.

   5. Don't stay up late

  Sleep can make the internal organs of the body better detoxify and burn fat, purify the body, lose weight and reduce fat. In addition, adequate sleep can also promote the secretion of leptin, which can not only increase the metabolic rate, but also reduce the desire to eat.

   Develop the above five habits, not only to avoid obesity after the holiday, but also to lose weight and maintain good health.

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