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How to exercise and diet to lose weight

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There are many theories about Weight loss, but there is still no way to start in practice, especially those who lose weight in Xiaobai don’t know what to do to lose weight effectively.

   Recommend three Weight loss techniques, new weight loss can easily lose weight.

  Rule 1: Perform aerobic exercise after muscle training

   In order to burn fat and better trim the body, a combination of aerobic exercise and muscle training is necessary.

   It's time to take notes here. In: The correct sequence of exercise to burn more fat is the muscle circulation before aerobic exercise

  The reason is that after muscle training, the blood circulation and metabolism of the whole body become faster. If you can increase aerobic exercise in time, you can burn more fat and get a better weight loss effect.

   It is recommended to exercise more than three days a week during the weight loss period, anaerobic exercise for more than half an hour, and aerobic exercise for about 40 minutes each time. In this way, the dual effects of weight loss and body shaping can be obtained.

   Please pay attention to stretching the muscles for five to ten minutes before and after each exercise, which can increase the exercise effect and avoid sports injuries.

  Rule 2: Choose a way of exercising that you can stick to

  Different exercise methods will lead to different calorie consumption. But in the process of losing weight, don't care too much about which exercise mode can consume how many calories, but choose some exercise mode that you can like and stick to. Because only long-term exercise can achieve the expected weight loss and improved metabolism.

   When losing weight, don’t follow the trend and choose a form of exercise. You should choose a form of exercise that you like and can persist for a long time according to your own situation, so that you can better continue your exercise habits and gain the effect of losing weight and strengthening your body.

  Rule 3: Three meals a day

   Many people think that eating = not eating is actually a very wrong way to lose weight. It is easy to rebound and promote the formation of an obese physique.

   If you want to lose weight successfully, please try to eat three meals on time every day.

   First of all, make sure that the breakfast is balanced and rich.

   Then eat a balanced lunch, but reduce the intake of greasy and high-calorie foods. It is recommended to eat 78% full for lunch.

   The last dinner should be as light as possible, mainly boiled vegetables, soy products, and lean meat, not staple food. Supper is full for five minutes.

   Try not to eat any food after dinner until before going to bed.

   Lose weight Xiaobai can avoid detours and go straight to the end of weight loss.

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