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What should I do if my appetite is overwhelming and I want to eat during weight loss?

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The biggest obstacle to Weight loss is the desire to eat. The more patient you are, the more you want to eat. If you are not careful, you will overeating. So depression is not the best way to deal with appetite.

   Weight loss does require control of calorie intake and diet, but there is no need to suppress the desire to eat too forcefully. Here are some clever ways to relieve appetite, such as no control, no indulgence, easy consumption, and continuous weight loss.

   1. As long as you eat slowly, you can eat if you want

   The amount of chewing and saliva will slow down the appetite.

   Therefore, as long as you chew more and eat slowly, you can quickly reduce your desires and reduce consumption ingeniously. Achieve the dual effect of appetizing and controlling diet. It can not only reduce the psychological pressure when losing weight, but also avoid obesity, ensure continuous weight loss, and prevent overeating and obesity again.

   For example, when you want to eat high-calorie, high-sugar biscuits when you lose weight, you can eat it generously, but you need to eat one millimeter by millimeter slowly and chew carefully. It is very likely that eating half a biscuit will ease your desire to eat and will not cause excessive calorie intake.

   Don’t be afraid of appetite when you lose weight. As long as you chew enough and eat slowly enough, you can quickly repel your appetite and avoid obesity.

   2. Eat vegetables before eating the target food

   For example, the food of desire today is fried chicken, so it is best to eat a plate of boiled vegetables before eating fried chicken, and then eat fried chicken, so as to avoid obesity.

  Eating vegetables first can quickly fill up, reduce appetite, control the intake of target foods, and achieve the effect of suppressing calorie intake and preventing obesity. In addition, vegetables can also reduce the rate of increase in blood sugar levels after meals and inhibit obesity.

  Moreover, the dietary fiber in vegetables can form a barrier on the intestinal wall, reduce the absorption of oil and sugar, and inhibit the occurrence of obesity.

   So, don’t be afraid when you lose weight. Eat a plate of boiled vegetables first, and then eat the food you want to eat, you can satisfy your appetite and avoid obesity.

  Forced tolerance will also increase the psychological pressure during weight loss. If things go on like this, it will not only overeating, but also affect the nervous state of the body, reduce the speed of circulation and metabolism, and easily induce obesity. Therefore, the more you lose weight, the more you must learn to release your appetite cleverly instead of restricting it.

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