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Weight loss tips to keep 90 pounds without gaining weight

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It is easy to lose weight, but it is difficult to maintain a good figure for a long time. This time I recommend a few cheats, which can not only burn off excess fat, but also freeze a slim figure permanently. It would be easy for a star to weigh no more than 90 pounds.

  Only by accumulating good living habits and integrating them into life can the expected results be obtained. Therefore, in order to maintain a slim figure, it is recommended to maintain the following habits.

   Habit 1, standing or walking for more than two hours a day

Regardless of whether you have the habit of exercising or not, you should ensure that you have enough daily activities every day, so that you can be in an environment of high-speed blood circulation and metabolism throughout the day, which not only speeds up the removal of toxins from the body, but also burns and promotes fat. , Which is of great help in maintaining good health.

   Accumulate more than two hours of daily activities every day, including standing, walking, cleaning the room, etc. As long as you move yourself, even if you can't burn a lot of calories at a time, you can still get a good fat burning effect and keep your body in shape.

   Please note that you must not be lazy after a meal, and you must ensure that you have light exercise for about 15 minutes, which can not only slow the rise of blood sugar after a meal, but also burn the calories that promote it, and keep the body effective.

  2. In the daily diet, healthy food accounts for 80%, and your favorite food accounts for 20%

  The way to maintain a good figure is not to diet, but to develop good eating habits. A proper diet can ensure adequate intake of nutrients and energy, not only to ensure the normal circulation and metabolism of the body, but also to help maintain a good figure.

   It is recommended to eat three meals during the Weight loss period, but only adjust the diet ratio of the three meals. Among them, their favorite food accounts for 20% of each meal. Healthy boiled vegetables, boiled lean meats, and whole grains account for 80% of each meal.

   This kind of diet ratio can satisfy the desire to eat at any time, suppress the occurrence of overeating, relieve the psychological pressure in the process of Weight loss, and have a great help in strengthening the body, losing weight and maintaining weight loss.

   It’s not difficult to stay slim, as long as you develop the above two habits, you can maintain 90 kg.

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