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How to lose weight fast and healthy

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How to lose weight fast and healthy

   For the MM who wants to have a good figure quickly, it is not only necessary to lose weight fast, but also to pursue health. For example, dieting and excessive exercise are both undesirable, so how can we lose weight quickly and healthily?

how to lose weight fast and healthy? 8 tips for Weight loss

  1, 8 glasses of water a day must not be less

   You are calling your body to burn more calories every day, so that you can take as many actions as possible. At the same time, the body is constantly consuming water, so you need to maintain the body's fluid balance, absorb and make good use of the intake of water.

   Drinking 8 glasses of water a day (that is, almost 2 liters) can help you burn 100 more calories a day. It doesn't sound much, but 700 cards a week, 2800 cards a month. In addition, adequate water in the body helps make our liver and kidneys healthier, and reduces the possibility of getting angry due to lack of water. Especially in dry and cold winters, drinking plenty of water can help increase metabolism and make it easier to lose weight.

  2. Exercise is the "burner" of fat

   Whether it is "burning fat" or "burning calories", these terms are just metaphors for consuming body energy. Energy in the body exists in many ways. Easier exercise can only convert sugar into energy, and only when exercise reaches a certain intensity, the fat in the body will be used. It can be said that "exercise" is like a "burning aid" that burns fat. The longer the exercise time, the greater the intensity, and the faster the fat burning speed, which seems to eventually be converted into water vapor, evaporate and eliminate body fat.

   Indeed, walking briskly for 30 minutes a day is an example of effective Weight loss, suitable for anyone who wants to burn more calories. When you are exercising, the energy in your body must be consumed to meet your behavioral needs, so that you can keep your legs moving forward and the balance of your arms and your body will be consistent. Long brisk walking can already make you feel slightly sweaty and tired. When you are exhausted and stop exercising, your body will continue to consume calories. This continuous consumption is likely to accelerate your metabolism within 24 hours. Therefore, one high-intensity exercise every day is basically enough to burn off calories and start using the accumulated fat.

   Obviously, if you want to prolong the effect of this kind of scorching, you need to maintain long-term exercise and keep the metabolic rate at a high level.

   3. Drink green tea or black tea

   Many people who have succeeded in losing weight like to drink tea. They just think that drinking tea can "scrape the oil" and quickly expel the ingested fatty substances. In fact, both green tea and black tea contain caffeine, which can help burn calories. Because it will give you a brief sense of excitement, your body seems to be full of energy, and it is also increasing your metabolic rate.

   Other studies have shown that drinking tea with every meal can also interfere with the body's absorption of carbohydrates, thereby reducing total calorie intake.

   4. Eat smaller meals and more meals

   Eat less at each meal, more than a few times a day. Maybe it will take a while, but it will make your stomach move, break down food, and absorb nutrients. It is necessary to know that the decomposition function of the human body needs to consume a lot of calories. Compared with those who only eat one or two meals a day, but eat well every time, it is much healthier to eat less and more calories.

   5. Don't miss breakfast

   skipping breakfast and gaining weight happen almost simultaneously. As long as breakfast is not well eaten, lunch and dinner will indulge the appetite and eat more often. Compared to eating breakfast, your total daily intake must be much higher. Among adolescents, children who skip breakfast usually have a higher BMI, which can easily lead to obesity.

Healthy weight loss

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