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How to lose weight best

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How to lose weight best

   Weight loss has always been a constant topic among girls. Various Weight loss methods are emerging one after another, with very different effects. What is the best way to lose weight? Let's take a look.

How to lose weight best? The most effective way to lose weight

  1, weight training to increase the base generation

  Aerobic exercise can help reduce body fat, but only by increasing the body's muscle mass can the body's basal metabolic rate increase, and sitting can also lose weight! Or you can use aerobic exercise and weight training, the effect is better.

  2, set goals to achieve

   Generally speaking, it is not possible to lose weight, but it must be thin. As for which party has less meat, it is also determined by natural genetics; therefore, the most important thing is to determine the weight to lose weight first. Theoretically, if you consume 1,000 more calories a day, you can lose 1 kg of body weight every week, thus setting your own weight loss goals.

  3, aerobic exercise thins the whole body

  Similarly, because there is no such thing as partial fat loss, it is best to start with aerobic exercise at least three times a week and choose exercises that can be challenged for a long time, such as jogging, swimming, cycling or climbing stairs. You can also do it alternately, exercise at least 150 minutes a week, and your heart rate is at least speaking but breathing is weak.

   4. Lower body resistance exercises

   Doing squats, lunges or exercises specifically for the resistance of the thigh and calf muscles can help train the leg muscles at least twice a week.

   5. Massage with hot and cold water when taking a bath

  Be sure to stand while taking a shower, which can also help you burn more calories. Rinse with hot water for two minutes, massage the thighs with your hands; then wash with cold water for two minutes, then massage the thighs with your hands. Repeating this several times can promote the blood circulation of the thighs and help burn the excess fat on the thighs, thereby achieving the purpose of weight loss and thin legs.

   6. Getting enough sleep is also very important

   Sleeping for 8 hours a day also helps slim legs, because lack of sleep can also affect the body’s endocrine and metabolism. Many foreign studies have confirmed that people with insufficient sleep are more likely to gain weight.

  7, change eating habits

   Eat more fruits and vegetables that help burn fat in your legs. For example, celery and bananas are rich in potassium ions, which can prevent leg edema. Watermelon and red beans help eliminate leg edema and metabolize body fat. These fruits and vegetables should be supplemented in the daily diet, and high-calorie, high-fat foods should be avoided. In addition, try to restrain sweets. High sugar content will slow down the metabolism, making it easier to accumulate fat in the lower body. In addition, the diet can start from these aspects.

   8. Drink slimming drink slimming tea

   In the four seasons of the year, whenever you lose weight, you must do a good job of bowel cleansing. The easiest is to drink warm water every morning. A simple cup can effectively moisturize the digestive tract, help intestinal peristalsis, and help lose weight. But if the effect of plain boiled water is not good enough, you can choose to drink Chinese medicine slimming tea. Studies have shown that drinking 3 cups of slimming tea a day can make the body burn excess calories on the road. You can lose 5 to 10 catties a month.

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