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How to lose the thick flesh on the shoulders

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How to lose the thick flesh on the shoulders

   Few of us pay attention to the meat on the shoulders, but it is precisely the part that should be paid attention to. How to reduce the thick meat on the shoulders? What is the fastest way to thin shoulders and arms? Let’s learn it with the editor below!

   Arms Shoulders Movement 1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, open your hands to the sides and straighten your palms outward. 2. The arm slowly draws a circle forward 30 times, and then draws a circle backward 30 times. 3. This exercise should be repeated three times (that is, forward and backward rotations 90 times each.

   Arm movement 2. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands straight forward, palms facing forward. 2. Cross your hands up and down, and your arms should not sag. 3. Do 30 times.

   Arm exercise 3. Like doing a standing upright, you always hold your hands on your body, but your knees are on the ground. 2. With your hands shoulder-width apart, straighten your arms, slowly count to 5 while bend your elbows down. 3. When you reach the lowest point, stop for 2 seconds, and the body can not touch the ground, then slowly straighten your arms. Do it 10 times.

  Exercise ways to lose weight

  Dumbbell Arm exercise 1. Lightly hold the dumbbell with both hands, and bend the elbows back with both hands at a speed of 5 seconds. 2. Stop at the lowest point for 5 seconds, and then count for 5 seconds to slowly return to the original position. 3. Do about 15-20 times.

   dumbbell arm exercise 2. Hold the dumbbell with both hands, feet shoulder-width apart, arms on both sides. 2. Slowly lift your hands outwards at a speed of several 10 seconds until they are just above the height of your shoulders. 3. Slowly count for 5 seconds, put it back on both sides, do 15 times.

  The fastest way to thin shoulders and arms

   make the inside of the arms strong

   Cross hands and push forward until both arms are fully extended, palms forward, and stay still for 4-8 seconds. Reverse your hands once and take it back, do 10-20 times.

  Improve sagging inner arm

   Cross your hands behind your head, begin to force your arms to straighten up, palms up, hold for 4-8 seconds, relax and retract, do 5-10 times. Trains muscles that are usually used less frequently, and can correct posture at the same time.

   tighten arms and shoulders

   Put one hand on the other shoulder, press down vertically, and lift the pressed shoulder forcefully up, 5 seconds on the left and right, 5 times in total.

   Strengthen the flexibility of the shoulders, tighten the upper and lower arms

   Bend the elbows with both arms behind the head, hold the left wrist with the right hand, try to stretch the left hand towards the right shoulder, hold for 4-8 seconds and do it on one side, 5-10 times in total.

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