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How to lose 10 pounds in 2 months

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The biggest change in life is to lose weight. After becoming thinner, the appearance becomes beautiful, looks younger, full of confidence, improves happiness, and full of vitality.

  I always fantasize about gains every day, but as long as I lose weight, I can have them all! Not tempted to lose weight?

   recommend a set of Weight loss methods, you can lose ten catties in two months.

   Weight loss Diet

  Diet precautions,

   Don’t eat too much, as long as you don’t feel hungry, don’t eat. Especially for dinner, it is recommended to eat only half full.

   Chew slowly and eat at least fifteen minutes for a meal.

   When eating, be careful not to eat while looking at the phone.

   Do not sit and rest immediately after a meal, try to stand or walk slowly.

   Dinner is ahead of schedule, it's best to finish it before 6pm.

   Do not eat any food after dinner until before going to bed, and do not drink water after 8 o'clock.

  Snacks and beverages, alcohol and smoking are not allowed during weight loss.

   Weight loss recipe:

   breakfast, a boiled egg and half a bowl: oatmeal or a plate of steamed brown rice and vegetables

   lunch, a quarter bowl of rice or a quarter slap-sized steamed bun, chicken breast or lean beef, and a plate of vegetables

  在: A bowl of vegetable soup for dinner should contain more than two kinds of vegetables and one soy product

  : Between 10 am and 3 pm, you can eat moderate amounts of fruits or nuts. Be careful not to eat too much. If there is no hunger in these two periods, there is no need to eat.

   Weight Loss Exercise

   1. Types of exercise that have enough time

   Exercise more than three days a week. Each exercise includes about 40 minutes of anaerobic exercise and more than 40 minutes of aerobic exercise. The type of exercise can be selected according to your preferences. Because interested sports are more conducive to persistence.

   2. Types of exercise without time

   Use all your free time to get yourself moving, walk at least 15,000 steps a day, or walk for about an hour.

   3. Exercise before going to bed

   Regardless of whether you have time to exercise or not, you can't omit your legs when you sleep. You can stretch the lower body upside down with the wall and bed, or stretch the muscles of the legs.

   Stretching for ten minutes before going to bed every day can effectively increase blood flow speed, achieve the effect of inhibiting edema and improving metabolism.

   If you lose weight for two months in the above manner, you will have unexpected weight loss results.

Healthy weight loss

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