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How to lose five to eight pounds in two weeks

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Have you made many plans? If nothing happens, Weight loss is definitely one of the plans. But over the years, how do you practice the reasons for losing weight? If you still don’t get any results, you might as well try the Weight loss method introduced this time, which means you can lose eight pounds in ten days. With only two weeks left this year, you can easily lose five to eight catties.

   Ways to lose five to eight pounds in two weeks:

   1. Three meals a day. But every time I eat, I have to eat a dish. The recommended vegetables are Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, and broccoli. Eat vegetables for five minutes before eating. Don't eat too much when eating, stop eating as soon as the hunger disappears.

  2. The eating time for three meals is breakfast before 8 am, lunch before 12:30 noon, dinner before 18 o'clock in the evening, and after dinner, you cannot eat until breakfast the next day.

  3. In addition to three meals a day, there is also a meal of fruit at 10 am and 3 pm. You cannot eat any food except for these five diets.

   4. Control the intake of starch staple food. You can eat staple food for breakfast and lunch, and try to avoid the intake of staple food for dinner. And the staple food was replaced by a staple food of whole grains or potatoes.

   5. Eat only boiled food for three meals, such as boiled vegetables and boiled lean meat.

  6. ​​Don’t gobbling, but develop the habit of chewing slowly. The slower you eat, the better.

   7. Drink about 200 ml of warm water ten minutes before meals and half an hour after meals.

   8. Cannot rest immediately after eating. Stand or walk for fifteen minutes before resting.

   9. Take a deep breath in your spare time, about 20 times at a time. This is the simplest and most effective exercise for thin abdomen.

   10. Keep exercising, run at least three days a week or do other exercises for more than 40 minutes each time.

  11. Before going to bed, insist on taking a bath with warm water or soak your feet, and massage your legs after taking a bath. This can not only relieve fatigue, but also eliminate edema.

   12. Do not drink or stay up late, sleep 8 hours a day.

   According to the above method, you can easily lose five to eight catties after living for two weeks. Moreover, even the waste and fat accumulated around the internal organs will quickly disappear.

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