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Can be thin even lying down, lazy is absolutely practical

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Most people have the desire to lose weight, and at the same time have the idea of ​​not exercising or dieting. Here are some habits that can lose weight while lying down. You don't need to diet or exercise. If you stick to these habits, you can not only remove fat, but also promote the formation of lean body mass.

   1. Put all the food you want before ten o'clock. Try to eat lightly after ten o'clock.

   2. Eat boiled for supper, do not eat for three hours before going to bed.

   3. There is no need to forcibly endure hunger. When hunger occurs, drink a glass of warm water first, drink slowly, and start eating after ten minutes. If it is time for three meals, you can eat normally. If it is a diet interval, you can try to eat fruit to satisfy your hunger.

  4. Develop an eating habit of chewing slowly, chewing at least 30 times in each mouthful.

   5. Eat three meals slowly for about 15 minutes.

   6. When eating, don’t continue to eat if you don’t feel hungry after eating, and don’t eat too much.

  7. Pay attention when eating. You can’t change your phone to eat while watching TV.

   8. Among the three meals, breakfast can be full, lunch can be eaten half-full, dinner half full, no supper after dinner.

   9. For three meals, choose grains, potatoes, and beans as the main food.

  10. Do not eat snacks or drink alcohol during Weight loss. If you have the desire to eat, you can choose to eat fruits, nuts, and tea to ease your appetite.

   11. Cannot rest immediately after meals. You should exercise a little bit for about 15 minutes before sitting down and resting.

   12. 1 hour before going to bed, it is best to perform muscle stretching exercises for about 10 minutes, which can promote blood circulation and

   13. Go to bed early and get up early, sleep for eight hours a day.

   Develop the above habit to control calorie intake under the premise of fullness, and achieve the effect of fitness and Weight loss. In addition, these habits can also control the desire to eat, help reduce the psychological pressure in the process of weight loss, and prevent weight loss halfway through. In addition, these habits can also promote blood circulation and metabolism, not only accelerate the burning of fat and the removal of waste toxins, but also promote the formation of lean body.

   Losing weight is not only a difficult way like dieting and exercise, but also developing good habits can help you lose weight quickly.

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