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The secret of losing 15 catties in two months, these methods are very practical

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Losing weight is difficult, but as long as you work hard, you will surely pay off. Netizens lost 15 jin in two months because of what she did. The secret to losing 15 jin in two months is very practical.

   Weight loss event one, adequate walking exercise

  The netizen weighs 125 kg and has no usual exercise habits. Therefore, running and other exercises that put pressure on the body are not suitable. Under the advice of a fitness coach, she finally chose to walk. Walk for about an hour a week for five days.

   First, walk on flat ground. After the body adapts to the exercise intensity, start exercising on the slope.

   Weight loss event two, drink warm water at any time

   When you are bored, when you want to eat... Take warm water with you and drink regularly. Just drink a few cups when you are okay, so that you can keep your stomach full, your appetite will not be too big, and you can also control your diet.

   Drink 3-4 bottles of mineral water every day, drink warm water, but don’t drink too much at once.

   Weight loss event 3, dinner at 3 or 4 in the afternoon, no food after dinner

   Dinner time is advanced to three or four in the afternoon, and do not eat any food except water before going to bed after a meal.

  Slow metabolism at night, eat supper and supper. The digestion may be incomplete, and eventually the excess food will be converted into fat and accumulated in the body. Therefore, it is recommended to have dinner in advance and not to eat any food after the meal.

   Weight loss event four, no snacks

  Snacks are small in size and high in calories. Eating them will neither increase satiety nor induce obesity, so do not eat snacks during Weight loss.

   If you eat snacks during weight loss, you can replace them with fruits and nuts, which will not induce obesity, but can also supplement your body with nutrients and help you stay in shape.

   Weight loss event five, but support the diet

   Eat a normal diet during weight loss, but never feed yourself.

  Eating too much means eating too much. It may not affect the body too much, but eating too much for a long time is extremely harmful to the body. Therefore, you must refuse to eat too much during weight loss, and put down your chopsticks every time you are not hungry.

   The above is how netizens lose weight after losing 15 pounds in two months. If you also have the idea of ​​losing weight, please study, there will be no small gains!

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