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How to lose weight with meat on the waist

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How to reduce the meat on the waist

   It will be the season of naked meat soon, and there is a lot of meat on my stomach, how can I hold a short shirt with naked umbilicals? If you want to lose your waist and stomach quickly, just follow the following group of yoga thin waist exercises! Shovel the small bump from now on.

  Yoga for thin waist, yoga to lose weight has always been a very effective exercise method to lose weight. Yoga is also one of the most effective exercise methods for reducing belly and waist. Let’s introduce a simple sitting and twisting method for everyone, which will let you relax and lose weight easily.

   1. Sit cross-legged on a folded blanket, pelvis level, and back straight. Inhale and stretch the spine upwards. As you exhale, stretch and turn back to the right. Put your left hand on your right thigh, and put your right hand on the edge of the blanket behind you. Hold it for 30 seconds, and then retract it. Repeat the same action in the opposite direction.

   2. You need to fold one leg below, let the sole of your foot stand upright on the ground, step over and put the upper foot on the outside of the knee, and the toes and knees are in a line. The upper leg should be vertical. You can put a blanket under the buttocks to prevent the pelvis from falling to the back, so that the back can stand up, and as you exhale, you can also inhale and stretch the spine, and exhale to push the middle back into the body, increasing Reverse.

  3. Sitting on the hips high, put a blanket on the hip on the side of the bent leg to make the pelvis on both sides equal. The lower supporting leg, heel and thigh surface should be pressed firmly against the ground, and the hooked foot should be kept stable and twisted as you exhale. Be careful when twisting, let your lower back lift up, don't arch your back. The entire spine is vertical. The side ribs on both sides should also be perpendicular to each other and be of equal length.

   4. Sit on the blanket. Elevate the blanket so that both sides of the pelvis are equal rather than slanted. Keep your legs close to your knees, and then fold your legs above them. Place your ankles on the soles of your feet, and place all your toes on the ground. Push both hands evenly, twist the body as you exhale, twist the waist and abdomen, and increase the vitality and blood supply of the spine.

   5. The arms and forelegs should be bent together. Use this resistance to help twist. The upper arms should be stretched over the head, and then the spine should be in a straight line, that is to say, the whole body should be kept in a straight line without twisting from the fingertips of the upper hand to the heel of the hind feet, so as to fully lengthen the body.

  This pose is more difficult than the triangle twist, and if you can't do the lower hand, you can put bricks. The stomach is not flat, why is the world peaceful.

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