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Stand to lose weight, the way to stand to lose weight

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It is often said that it is easy to gain weight but hard to lose weight. In fact, as long as you pay attention to adjusting your posture, you can maintain your figure and burn excess fat unconsciously.

   This time, let’s talk about the simplest posture in life, which is also closely related to body shape-standing posture.

   This is a frequently used gesture, but it is also the most overlooked.

   The correct standing posture can make the blood circulation of the whole body smooth, increase the metabolic rate, accelerate the fat burning, and contribute to fitness and Weight loss. Wrong standing posture will affect blood circulation, and at the same time will distort the shape of internal organs and muscle groups, resulting in slow metabolism and out of shape, which is the main factor leading to obesity and difficult to lose weight.

   Introduce the correct standing posture, stand scientifically according to the requirements every day, so that you can lose weight and trim your body.

  (1) Separate your legs naturally, and the distance between your legs should be the same as the width of your pelvis. The toes and knees should point towards the front of the body.

   This posture can make blood circulation in the lower body smooth, and it can also prevent muscle distortion, which is very helpful for improving metabolism, reducing swelling, and trimming the shape of muscles.

   (2) Stand upright with upper body, back straight, shoulders straight, and the whole chest open.

   This posture can adjust the shape of the muscles of the upper body, promote blood circulation, and reduce the back.

   In addition, the posture of the back extension can also activate the brown fat cells, which can help increase the fat burning rate and make the body thinner.

  (3) When standing, you must consciously tighten the waist and abdomen muscles, let yourself stretch the waist and abdomen muscles while standing, which can not only improve the vitality of the muscles, but also help the internal organs to return to their original position.

   If you are used to the wrong posture and cannot correct it once, you can try to stand against the wall. Find a large enough flat wall, and then lean the back of your entire body against the wall, you can naturally adjust your standing posture, so as to obtain the effect of improving metabolism and losing weight.

  Adjusting stance can improve metabolism, lose weight and reduce fat. Practice quickly.

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