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Why can't I lose weight while trying to lose weight

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Weight loss is never predictable. Sometimes I can’t lose weight when I try to lose weight, and sometimes I lose a lot of weight without doing anything. In fact, losing weight is not about not working hard, but requires some Weight loss skills. This time we summarized some common reasons for weight loss failure cases to improve the success rate of weight loss.

   1. Poor posture

   Poor posture may hinder the normal movement of muscles, thereby weakening muscle mass and vitality, resulting in slower basal metabolism. In addition, if the muscle posture is not correct during exercise, it will also reduce the exercise effect, not only can not burn fat normally, but also may cause serious distortion of the muscle group, and ultimately affect the body's curvilinear beauty.

   It is recommended to pay more attention to posture and posture to help stretch muscle groups and obtain a stronger fat burning effect.

   2. Lack of sleep

   Sleep and weight loss seem to be irrelevant. But in fact, lack of sleep can lead to slow metabolism and excessive appetite.

   Say goodbye to staying up late and relieve stress on a regular basis, which can ensure adequate sleep and improve sleep quality, thereby achieving the effect of strengthening the body and suppressing obesity.

   3. Don't pay attention to keeping warm

   Cold will lower body temperature and cause poor circulation, which not only increases the possibility of fat accumulation, but also makes it difficult for the body to lose weight.

   Always keep warm, add clothes when it’s cold, eat warm food, and develop a good habit of taking a warm bath.

   4. Excessive weight loss

   Excessive dietary restriction will lead to insufficient energy intake. When the body lacks energy, it will slow down the metabolism, making the body environment unable to rapidly metabolize and burn fat, which will seriously affect the weight loss effect.

  Even if you choose to restrict diet to lose weight, you must eat a reasonable diet to ensure that you consume enough energy to burn fat.

   5. Do not eat meat

   Not eating meat will reduce protein intake. If you don't have enough protein, you will reduce muscle mass and metabolic rate, which is not only detrimental to weight loss, but also makes your body fat.

   During the weight loss period, it is especially necessary to ensure adequate meat intake. It is recommended to eat refined lean meat with no fat visible to the naked eye.

   Losing weight is not necessarily because you are not working hard enough. Most likely you made the mistake mentioned above. Trying to correct can increase the success rate of weight loss.

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